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    I know you are desperate, because  you have been suffering from acné for a long time. I want to share my advice with you.

    I am female , 47 years old, and suffering from cistic acné since I was fifteen. I have tried everything included accutane, BCP, .... Birth control pills made my acné worst ever.

    The only thing that have worked for me is: 1 ) Internal:  Flutadine ( or another antiandrogen like saw palmetto + zinc.) 2 ) external use: oxigen wáter, ( this is amazing  and very cheap) applied with a cotton ball.

    I hope it Works for you

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    Hi Yarka, I´m writing this post because I think I can help you sharing with you my experience. I'm female, 44 years old, and suffering from cistic acne since I was 15. I have tried everything, including accutane but nothing worked for me. The only thing I don't know if it Works its spiro because I fainted the first week I was taking it, because I have low pressure.

    I year ago, I discovered this forum, and I tried saw palmetto 320 mg per day, and my cistic acne is almost cured . 90% cured. It ,s the only thing that Works for me. I bought a bottle with 120 soft gels, Gnc Brand, it contains 15 mg zinc, saw palmetto 120 mg for each soft gel, and another african plant that I don,t know the name in english,

    I had my hormone tested last month, but never reveals anything abnormal, I think in most cases of acne, blood tests are useless. I live in Spain, and here every test is free, you don,t need to have a private insurance, but the blood test never shows anything.

    And I forgot to say that for me was very helpfull to review all the posts written by Greengables, She knows a lot about this stuff. Thank you again, Green Gable.

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    Monki, I´m writing this post because I think my experience can help you. I´m 44 years, female, suffering from cystic acne since I was 15 years. I have tried everything including accutane, BCP, yazmin, antibiotics.... 1 year ago I came across this forum, and there was a person, I don´t remember the nickname ( when I remember I will tell you) who has a great success with spiro . I tried spiro, but I could,t take that drug for more than 15 days, because I had low pressure and I fainted.

    That person share her experience with spiro with us, and study other natural antiandrogens like saw palmetto, nettle, and other stuff. I tried saw palmetto and after a year I am not free acne, but saw palmetto has improved my acne. I still have pimples and red marks, but finally I got rid of those painful internal pimples around my jawline.

    I think you can try Spiro, or as me if you don`t resist spiro, you can try Saw palmetto 320 mg/ day.

    The nickname of the member that I was talking about. was GreenGable. I really recomend you to read her post, its very helpful information.

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    I totally agree. Topicals are a wasted of time and money. I have tried every topical and none of them reduce oil. I know it perfectly, because I have a master degree in acne after suffering from 13 years old to 43 years (actually).

    The only thing that improve your skin, and decrease oil is ingredients AntiDht.

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    I am 43 years old, female, suffering from cystic acne since I was 13 and not cured but 80% cured. The only advice I can give you after so many years of this horror desease is not wasting your time with topicals, as I did.

    The only thing that improve my skin (but not cured) was the ingredients antiDht as Diane35, zinc 50 mg, pumpkin seed oil 50 mg, and recently I have started taking SawPalmetto. I also think tha Spiro has been a great solution for some people, but I have low blood pressure and I fainted the first week with just 50 mg of Spiro. Check out Green Gables posts about Spiro, they are awesome.

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    Thank you Laitholiel for sharing your experience about saw palmetto, it`s very useful for me.

    I am currently taking Diane35, but it,not enough for me, and I think I have excess of androgen, and 2 miligrames of ciproterone acetato is not enough. That,s the reason I am actually taking zinc 50 mg + pumpkin seed oil 50 mg + 160 mg of saw palmetto, but I have been taking it just for a month and it´s very soon to say something.

    I did´t understand well. So, you say you are actually taking 320 mg or 600 mg a day? ( english is not my first language). And in case you have decreased your dosage, have you had better results? I am asking because my skin is even now so oily.

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    I am also interesting to know the effects of vitamine B5 in testosterone. I thought it was vitamine b6 and not vitamine B5 that has relation with testosterone, please, Green Gable, tell us your experience with B5. And there is a theory about the conexion between a deficit in coenzyme A ( vitamine B5) and Acne ( from a chinese doctor Dr.Lee I think).

    I have read that vitamine B6 reduces prolactin, and a reduction in prolactin levels avoid the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

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    I am also starting saw palmetto a month ago, but it,s too soon to say something, but I,ll keep reporting. I am also interesting to know if someone has any success with SP or not, and report their experience with this stuff.

    Gem84, what dosage are you actually taking? I am taking 160 mg, and I know I should take at least 360 mg, but I am scared because I am also taking Diane 35 + 50 mg zinc + 50 mg pumpkin seed oil.

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    I am giving saw palmetto a try, and I am currently taking 160 mg of saw palmetto every day. I know that the dosage of saw palmetto should be 360 mg, but I am scared because I am also taking Diane 35 + 50 mg zinc +50 mg pumpkin seed oil. I have been taking saw palmetto for 20 days and it,s too soon to say something but I ´ll keep updating.

    Two days ago I received my blood test, and I had 6.5 of estradiol, and the doctor said to me that it`s very low (menopause) for my age ( I´m 43 years ), and it's very wierd for someone taking 2 mg of estradiol every day ( diane 35). In the past I wasn't low in estradiol and I also had acne, and I don´t know if there is some conection with acne.

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    I, m giving saw palmetto a try, but I have only been taking it (120 mg of saw palmetto per day) for a month, and it,s too soon to say something positive or negative. But I´ll keep updating with my experience with saw palmetto. Yanis808, thank you for sharing your opinion.

    Has anyone tried saw palmetto in the past and could you tell us your experience?

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    Hearts, I am also interested in the natural progesterone you are on. Could you please tell us the name of it and explain your experience with more detail? I am currently taking Diane35, and It has changed my acne from severe to mild acne, but I have never been clear from acne since I was teen. I was thinking of taking soy isoflavones, because I think that hormone replacement therapy is very dangerous.

    Mitchi31, my doctor says that replacement hormonal therapy is very dangerous, and It has been a mistake. Here in Spain, Doctor prescribed this therapy in the recent past, but actually most of them doesn't prescribe it for menopause for the reasons heart have explained ( increasement in breast and endometrial cancer). But as hearts says every one is diferent, and probably if your levels of estradiol are very low ( 32) probably in this cases you need this therapy to avoid osteoporosis.And I am not an expert but I think that 32 of estradiol is very low at your age.

    I have to point out that I have 6.2 of estradiol, but 5 years ago, my levels of estradiol were 115, and I also had acne. I don't know if estradiol is conected with acne. And I don,t know if my levels of progesterone are low or not.

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    Mitchi31, It,s very interesting as you said in your post that my estrogen levels are so low, considering that I have been taking Diane35 for 5 years. I had my blood tested 1 month ago, and yesterday, my doctor gave me the results: 6.1 estradiol and he says its very low for a person at my age ( 43 years). The blood test was done the first day of my period. The last time I had my blood tested the results of estradiol was <5 estradiol ( I don`t know if in your country it´s the same ).

    It,s also very interesting that you are going to start hormone therapy replacement. How old are you? Have you decided to do this on your own? What,s your level of estrogen?. Please let me know how it,s going. I thought of taking soya isoflavones. Have you ever taking them?

    But I think you should be very careful as hearts says.

    My doctor says that hormone therapy replacement is a mistake but he can´t explain why I have my estradiol so low if I am currently taking 2 mg of estradiol every day.

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    I am also interested in this post. I have also the same problem, I am 43 years old, suffering with cystic acne since I was teen. And every time I get my blood tested, the doctor says to me that my hormonal levels are normal. And I have been also taking diane35 for 5 years. I still have acne, but not so severe.

    But the last time I had my blood tested, my doctor said that my estrogen levels were very low, the levels for estrogen were <5 (I don´t know if the levels in your country are the same) because of the menopause. I would like to ask michi31 that said at her posts that her estrogen levels were low, how did you manage with the problem of low estrogen levels? Because I am currently taking Diane35, and I think this medication should provide enough estrogen. And do you think my low estrogen levels can cause my cystic acne ?

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    Thank you paigems for giving us hope because I can't take spiro either because I have low blood pressure and I fainted when I tried to take Spiro.

    I am currently taking Diane 35 + Zinc (three days ago I started taking 160 mg saw palmetto but it's very soon to say something) and my testosterone levels are 76 ( I don,t know if it's the same measure in every country I am in Spain) but my doctor never says to me I have elevated testosterone. I still have acne, but not inflamed acne (blackheads, oily skin, red marks)

    On your experience ¿Which one of the elements you are taking is better to reduce testosterone? I mean metformin / vitamine C or D/ Diet? and Have you ever tried saw palmetto?

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    I think both medication have a lot of risk but every one is different. I have been taking diane35 for 5 years, I don't notice any adverse side effects, but it doesn't mean Diane35 doesn't involve risk because as Wishclean says it`s banned in Usa and in some European countrys ( France, last month).

    But the reason I have answered this post is because I wanted to tell you my experience with Roacutane. I don't want to scare you because as I said before medication doesn't have the same effect in every one. But I recommed you not to take Roacutan in your case if you say you have depression. My experience with Roaccutane was terrified. I also had deppresion as you did. When I was taking Roacutan my depression was the worst I had ever experienced, I had also difficult in concentration, confusion, terrible night mares, social phobia, and I thought I was going to finish my days in a mental hospital. I never thought this symptoms were caused by Roacutane, because I had been taking it for 5 years ( at that time I had a manteinance dosage I just have to take Roacutane three days a week). Actually, after 6 years (actually I am not taking Roaccutane, I am taking diane35) I am fine. My recomendations is if you decide to take roacutan, please don't do it for a long term, and if it doesn't work for you, leave it, it's not worthy.

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    Thank you, Yoshigirl for sharing your experience with us. I am glad to know that now you are fine. I think the most important thing to detect if the acne is caused by a tumour or not, is that you have never had acne before when you were a teen, and I supposed that was your case as you say in your post . Do you agree with me ? Because I think that if you ask the people at this forum the 90% percent were suffering severe acne since they were teenagers.

    In Spain, for instance, you don't need to have money to get an appointment with an endocrinologist or to run tests, because it,s free. Although, it's useless because doctor don't pay attention when they know you have severe acne. I am 43 years, and I have visited different dermatologist, and an endocrinologist once, and they say that test show normal hormonal levels and they prescribed the most common medication for acne ( diane35 or Roacutane). I would prefer to pay money and get a full check up.

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    Playsomebeat, could you please explain more about when you say saw palmetto was a mistake for you? I haven't given saw palmetto a try, but I am planning to try it in future and It would be very interesting to know your experience with this stuff.

    Aridus46, good luck with your new experiment with MMS and keep us reporting if you have success. Regarding Zinc, I take the brand Solaray ( I don't know if it's sold in your country) but the important thing are the active ingredients 50 mg chelated zinc + 50 mg curcubita pepo (pumpkin seed). I noticed a huge different in my skin, but I think this wouldn`t be enough to inhibit enough DHt, if I wouldn`t take it with Diane35 ( Ciproterone acetate) that is also an inhibitor of DHt. Perhaps that's the reason It didn't work for you, because you need to use it with another inhibitor of Dht. Zinc increase your libido, and I didn't notice any adverse side effect.

    Masked one, for me a drug approved by FDA doesn't mean security. For instance, Roacutan was a huge mistake for me, it literally made me crazy. If you google Roacutane, you can find a research that says Roacutan decrease 21% your frontal lobule in your brain and its approved by FDA.

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    Larrissa, I,m going to tell you my own experience with Dianette35 in case I can help you. I have been taking dianette35 for 4 years, and I have never been acne free, but Dianette35 changed my skin from severe acne with huge and painful pimples to just pimples.

    I didn't know what to do, I have tried every drug on the market, except Spiro because in Spain Spiro is not prescribed for acne. I decided to take spiro on my own, but I felt so week and fainted after 1 week because I have low pressure. If you don't have low blood pressure this can be an option for you.

    Anyway, after this, I read every post on this forum looking for another option. The option is Zinc 50 mg, I started with 30 mg but after 2 month I upped my dosage to 50 mg zinc chelated and continue also with Dianette. It really helped me. I cant say I am acne free 100% but significantly much better than before.

    My theory is that Dianette 35 was not inhibiting enough DHt in my case ( Although I know Dianette35 is the strongest one, the other bc pill didn't work for me) and I need more supplement inhibiting DHt, in this case zinc but you can also tried saw palmetto.

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    Aridus46, I am glad to know you have found the perfect dosage to find the balance between your energy levels, libido and no breaks out. Please keep reporting about your knew experience with dim.

    I bought a saw palmetto pills (160 mg), but I haven't taken them yet, because my skin is actually better than ever,( not 100 % acne free, but 90% acne free ) thanks to the zinc (50 mg) + pumpkins seeds (brand solaray) and I don't want to spoil it. It`s the fist time I have decent skin in 43 years but I know I will give saw palmetto a try in the future, because I want to know if it works or not. Have you ever tried zinc (50 mg) ? it's supposed to inhibit DHt without decreasing your levels of energy. I have to point out that I am actually taking diane35 also, but Diane 35 is not enough for me. And that,s the reason I am also taking zinc. I supposed that I should take another supplement to get a perfect a skin like saw palmetto.

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    The name of the drug I took was Aldactone,and as I said I took it from my father's drawer and I took it on my own risk and fainted. I don't know if this drug is sold in USA. The active ingredient is 50 mg Spironolactone. It's so weird, because if you read the leaflet is just prescribed for high blood pressure and it doesn't say anything about not using for males. What's the name of the drug in your country?

    It's also weird that Green Gables and Michi31 says that spiro doesn't affect their blood pressure because I felt so weak and I fainted the first week I was taking it. I was starting thinking that it was not the same drug you are taking and I check out the leaflet, but after reading it I confirmed that the only ingredient is Spironolactone.

    And I guess the name of the drug is different in every country, but if the main and only different ingredient is Spironolactone, Why doesn't it say it's not used for males, and why does it say that the main purpose of this drug is to low blood pressure ( no matter if there are more drugs more efficiency for this purpose)?.

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    Thank you Aridus46 for sharing your experience with the supplement you were taking, I hope you'll find the answer to balance your energy, libido and no more breaks out. But regarding women don't have to worry about side effects, it's not really true and that's the reason I was asking to you is because I am scary.

    I am female, 43 years old, and my dermatologist told me that at my age playing with hormones is really dangerous because you can get breast cancer. He prescribed me Diane 35 that really helped but not definitely a cure. It changed my skin from severe and painfull cystic acne to moderate acne but still persistant. Two months before 4 women died in France, and now Diane35 is forbiden in France and USA.

    After this, I read a GreenGable post about her success with Spiro. I live in Spain and Spiro is not prescribed for acne, and It's prescribed for high blood pressure and my dermatologist refused to prescribe it to me for acne. He said that at my age my liver willl start failing and I will die if I take it. I decided to take it on my own risk and I took it from my father's drawer. After two weeks taking spironolactone 50 mg I felt so weak and finally fainted, I called am ambulance and finished my day at the emergency room in a hospital because I have low blood pressure. Do you have high blood pressure? If you do, probably you can take a minimum dosage of Spiro and can be the answer for you. My father was prescribed Spiro for high blood pressure and I took the medicine from his drawer, so males can take it but I don't know the safety dosage .

    Another disadvantage of beeing a female fighting with acne, is having your menstrual period when you break out like crazy.

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    Please Aridus46 report if you have success with topical spironolactone.

    Regarding the supplements you were taking in the past (stinging nettle and saw palmetto), could you please tell me if you were acne free 90% or 100%? I am asking this because today I have bought a bottle of saw palmeto ( gnc brand).

    Anyway, I hope topical spiro can be a solution for you.

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    Yes, Aanabill, I've been taking 50 mg zinc chelated for a month. Last month I was taking 30 mg zinc gluconate. It's suposed to inhibit enzyme 5 reductasa and I am upping the dose from 30 to 50 mg to know what happen if you inhibit more enzyme 5 reductasa.

    When I was taking 30 mg gluconate zinc, I noticed that scars healed better, and less keratinitation, it helped but definetely not a cure.

    Regarding the dosage, I know that many people in this forum are taking that dosage, and I take it after the meal, and I haven't noticed any adverse side effect and I take copper from a natural way (peanuts, almonds...).

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