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  1. Best place to buy TCA peels in UK?

    I live in the uk and always buy mine from make up artists choice. I know its not a uk company but its the only place i trust and i have never had any trouble ordering with them.
  2. Just+had+subcision+-+documenting+w/+photos!

    Aww hunni so sorry to hear that. I often think if ever my partner left me he would be happier to find someone who has perfect skin etc so i know how your trail of thought is right now. I guess all we want is to fit in. But can i just say that your honestly so beautiful. Infact your so pretty that your the kind of girl that i would get jelous of!
  3. Skin Colored Bumps- A LOT???

    My skin is exactly the same. I have been using a retinol product and alternating it with paulas choice bha gel nightly and i am just starting to see minimal results after a good 4 months. I have done 2 x 30% glycolic peels which seems to do more but its still a slow process. My skin does get irritated doing this so sometimes i have to lay off any product for a couple of days. It is so frustrating. The clinic i went to said it was clogged pores tet the Dr said she thought it was milia. Nobody seems to know how to get rid of them. As I am a picker i find it so hard not to mess with them which i am just about managing to do. Sorry not much help i know but im in the same boat x x x
  4. Is this real ? Or Marketing strategy ?

    Its hard to tell the angle the pictures are taken at are slightly different and the lighting looks different too.
  5. Get rid of acne scarring

    Try not to look at your skin in different lights now. I got obsessed when i started noticing how different things looked in harsh lighting and it ruined my life for the past 12 months. I now have to avoid almost every mirror just to get me through the day. If you have never thought they looked that bad until you took that picture then chances are nobody else has noticed either. I know your here for advice on how to treat them, something which im not experienced with to give any advice i just wanted to type this because thing can soon become an obsession. Good luck with any treatments you decide to have. Also just want to say that from an outsider they honestly dont look as bad as you think they do.
  6. My skin looks like that if i go crazy with the exfoliating products. To me it looks super dry, maybe lay off all the products and just keep it well moisturized and you shpuld start to see a difference.
  7. Tca 25-35% pic

    Good post but wow 4 layers, my skin burns like hell and frosts almost immediately with one layer! your skin must be much stronger than mine haha. Good luck with the peels, I'm just waiting for the Christmas holidays to do my 2nd full face peel, 7 days of hiding indoors to look forward to!
  8. Glycolic 30% or TCA 20%?

    Iv managed to remove a couple of freckles with 24% tca and fade the rest of them ( not acne scars i know but still colour on my face that i don't want). Having done a couple of 30 % glycolic peels recently i can hand on heart say i don't see the hype, it's done absolutley nothing for my skin infact at the moment it looks worse ( will be able to judge it more when it's stopped being so flakey) but everyone's skin is different.
  9. My home 100% TCA CROSS spot test

    That looks like a good improvement!
  10. Bumpy skin

    I have the same problem and although I have seen a slight improvement these things just seem to want to stick around for as long as possible.
  11. How bad is the sun damage? As someone who never wore sunscreen at all up until recently i have alway had freckles and do have bad skin texture. I did a 24% tca peel and have managed to remove a couple of freckles and fade all of them slightly. I can't say its a huge difference and my skin is looking fresh but it has been noticeable. I think my skin will look healthier with a few more peels to be honest. Iv heard good things about IPL also.