1. This product has changed my life. I've had problems with acne for the past 10 years. I suffered from occasional cystic acne and regular blackheads/clogged pores, but my biggest issue was closed comedones under the skin on my cheeks and around my jaw and chin. They would just sit there under my skin until the slightest irritation caused them to become inflamed. I constantly had about 15 bumps on my face. I'd been prescribed BP gels by my dermatologist but i was not using them correctly (basically I would spot treat with them) so I always wound up abandoning them. The Regimen showed me that I need to use BP liberally every single day to prevent the bumps from forming. I don't really follow the whole regimen but knowing about it has helped me understand how to heal my skin. Do less! The hardest but most important lesson is not squeezing/picking your face. At night I use Cerave's hydrating cleanser with my Clarisonic. I usually tone with rose water. Then I apply the BP liberally to my cheeks and jaw. I let it absorb for about 10 minutes then moisturize. In the morning I splash my face with water and I also sometimes apply a little bit of BP under my daytime moisturizer. I have no problems wearing it under makeup. Since I have never had acne issues on my forehead and only some small blackheads on my nose I don't apply it there. It can be drying. I've tried every acne product under the sun and this is all I ever needed. (Other products make my acne worse because they irritate my skin.) I LOVE that this product is clear. It has a tiny bit of grittiness but it goes away once the product absorbs. This is definitely the best BP product you can find. I was shocked at the size. It's SO fairly priced. You need a big supply of it so that you don't skimp when applying it and doesn't run out too fast. Thank you acne.org!
  2. I loved how great this looked on my skin for the price. I wore it all day every day for about a week before realizing it was trashing my skin. I had a bunch of regular breakouts and cystic ones, which I haven't had for years. Once I realized I threw it in the trash immediately, but it took about 3 weeks for my skin to recover. It's a really cheap makeup so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the chemicals in it harmed my skin. If you have acne-prone skin I think you should avoid it.
  3. Reviews Philosophy Purity Made Simple
    I have bought the travel size several times, but I doubt I'll buy it again. It smells like a citronella candle. (So, chemicals basically). Not the worst smell but not the best. When I apply it to my face, it stings my nostrils. The main reason I won't repurchase is because it's drying. If I use it several days in a row my skin gets dry, tight and flaky. And I moisturize A LOT. Sure, it's easier to get a nice clean feeling with this cleanser vs. a non-lather cleanser, but it's not worth the dry skin.
  4. Reviews CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser
    It's drying and stings my nostrils. I bought it once and finished the bottle but I did not repurchase. On the other hand, CeraVe's hydrating cleanser is a staple in my regimen.
  5. Reviews CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
    This is a staple in my regimen. It's very gentle and not drying at all. I won't say it's the MOST gentle I've ever used, because it can sting if your skin is already dry/irritated, but I think it's one of the best cleansers at the drug store. I use it with my clarisonic.

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