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  1. Suggestions for my Scars

    Hi there, you have all scar types. Mainly rolling and box cars with fat deficiency. I would start with subcision using a nokor needle and do filler (you will need 3 sessions of this spread around your rf microneedling). I would also do RF Microneedling, there are many brands including infini, secret, intracel, intensif, etc... (you will need 3 treatments of this). For your icepicks you will do TCA cross now (several sessions are needed) - this raises the scar bed. I would then do a Sedated TCA peel with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get under the scars and resurface the skin. You may need more than one , ... another option is erbium ablative resurfacing with a laser, but I would start with peels - less side effects. Goto a doctor who specializes in your skin type for resurfacing. Because of your skin type you need to prep the skin to avoid hyperpigmentation, use skin bleaching cream, also called whitening, or hydroquinone with tretinorin or retin a 3 weeks before and after you heal. Please checkout the FAQ - top of the scar solutions sub, first post, and look at subcision, and tca peels. You can have some good improvement, but it will take take. For some that is over 3 years as they have the down time and funds. Also The body needs time to heal so please put some months in between treatment's to rest.
  2. What type of scars do I have?

    These do not look like scars, they are PIE or post acne wounding. They take many months to heal naturally. We have many treatments for them, basic ones are honey and aloe vera or triple antibiotic cream. For those who do not want to wait or they do not go away vascular laser / IPL makes the red go away (takes several treatments). See the FAQ - top of the hyperpigmentation sub, first post.

    I don't know a doctor in Kansas, you would have to check realself and yelp reviews and call for treatments. This is not a common area we are asked for acne scar specialists nor has anyone mentioned anyhting. Erbium will do Nothing for icepicks, ... the treatment of choice is TCA Cross (many sessions are needed to raise the scar bed. Some of your boxcars this will also work on if they have a defined border. Some of the spots need subcision first to release them (box car pits). RF microneedling works well on boxcars that do not work with TCA Cross. Dr's and med spa's will have this around you like Infini. I would also do some TCA spot peels to the cheeks once you raise up the icepicks with cross to even things out. We have a guide to TCA Cross and TCA peels, top of the scar solutions sub, first post FAQ. Goto TCA section, click link for post and read the first page.
  4. What type of scars?

    Same thing. Atrophy simply means ... fat or tissues are gone, (pitting). One is a general term, the other the type of scar.
  5. Scar Treatment Help

    @Raster Peels can be done for "monomorphic" scarring or as you know fully ablative erbium resurfacing. Few I have found do this like Dr. Lim who overrides the Profile's settings and treats free-form by hand... Most doctors are doing fractional erbium or a "light preset peel" - which you need several of. This is why I think a strong sedated peel with a doctor weather Phenol or TCA is much better and more widely available for texture issues. They do the same thing for texture irregularity if performed by a expert (The point is you need it deep enough to get under the scars).
  6. Subcsision should target each scar or all the cheek ?

    @Obi wan I have been helping this poster ... Student .. in France... Can't or does not want to pay for travel to Emil / Chu. Going to local Dr's who are doing standard needle subcsion and CO2 lasers. He is ethnic and has atrophic scarring (rolling on cheeks, some box cars). He tried the suction method and it reattached apparently a week or 2 latter. Told him to save up and get Nokor done by Chu / Emil and get filler done. I suggested filler weather the above Drs or a local french Dr (money is a issue), they get some supplement for healthcare with their local healthcare - ... but cannot find a "acne scar specialist". There is no one there that does the Taylor Liberator method that I am aware of in Europe. Individual scar treatment is best with Nokor for your scar issues.
  7. What is my condition and my options?

    You have PIE, ... post accutane acne wounding. This is not scarring. Again please look at the FAQ - top of the scar solutions sub, top post, goto skin, and PIE, ... lots of treatments there. Vascular laser being the most effective ... but this will go away naturally in many months.
  8. Scarlet RF or Infini RF for pitted acne scars

    @misshopeful123 There are many machines that are similar, ... yes. As long as it has insulated needles to protect the dermis. Maybe the aesthetician is good if she is trained professionally the doctor. I know in some office nurses do this work. It really depends how many cases they have done with the machine, their training, and especially for acne scars their experience. It is your right as a patient to get her to do it or to go elsewhere where you feel someone with more experience is operating it . Ask lots of questions, inquire to the number of acne scar patients like yours they have done monthly. You may always test it on a spot of your scars first and see how the person handles the device before proceeding.
  9. Acne Scars - My Journey - Subcision

    @EagleEva That's cheap for RF Microneedling. Here it's a thousand or more a treatment. So yes get that done. Subcision costs are about the same, filler being more costly. Why not wait on the dermiantor until closer to summer, and do all the DR treatments now. Derminator can be used for upkeep at home. You want to do one treatment a month, especially the doctor type ones. No TCA Cross is for shallow or deep icepicks, small boxcars, and rolling scars that have a defined border. It lifts the scar bed up. IF Emil found some to do great do those (cross), then subcise the rest and do your saline suction, and finalize with a deep sedated peel or several TCA peels. Great subcision on the forehead is needed and rf microneedling with also help (both). Yes smaller needle is fine here. Tunneling is the simple act used with a needle or cannula during filler, it's retro grade releasing substances or making dermal tunnels. That's fine about saline, ... if he normally does filler it's just something else to try (he normally does filler). IT's not that he does not know what he is doing, it's your having him try things he is not used to doing. Dr's do similar procedures once they get a pattern. Your not lecturing him if you discuss ObiWan's treatment suggestion. He is used to injecting botox in the forehead I am sure, it's just a combo treatment most doctor's don't do because of the added cost I think. You will not get embolism or blindness from filler or saline, both are biologically found in the body, they can dissolve filler, any doctor worth his salt know's anatomy. He is a expert injector and used to injecting all around the face. See the video above, he expertly injects filler, for acne scars.
  10. Mild acne scarring help

    Yes mainly big & scarred pores, some ice picks. You could take care of this with a sedated Peel (Rullan is in SD and does this, quick flight away). Unfortunately I do not know a lot of good places for peels in the Bay Area that are not expensive and no one exceptional for scars. Dr. Ting is expensive in San Ramon, Dr Ransom in SF is a expensive plastic surgeon. As you are a student you can a) save up money some every month and go get treated, b.) care credit or a credit card to be treated, c) read the faq - top of the scar solutions sub first post, goto the tca section, click the link and read the whole first page. You can do this at home with enough study. You will do a test spot in a small area one icepick of tca cross at a low percentage to test is first, also testing for spot peels by the ear. This is all in the instructions. The only reason I mention this is the cost factor / student... A doctor could also do a fully ablative erbium peel if they go deep enough under those scars, but peels have less side effects, cost, and I suggest trying them first. You seem to have some skin pigment, please for 3 weeks before use skin bleaching cream and retin a or tretinorin (differin is OTC at target) to get your skin read for treatment, you will also do it once you heal again to avoid pigmentation issues. Dr. Rullan specializes in all skin types, especially ethnic he can do a single sedated peel for this if your scared of DIY.
  11. Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars Are the Result of Chronic Inflammation in the Reticular Dermis. Ogawa R1. Abstract Keloids and hypertrophic scars are caused by cutaneous injury and irritation, including trauma, insect bite, burn, surgery, vaccination, skin piercing, acne, folliculitis, chicken pox, and herpes zoster infection. Notably, superficial injuries that do not reach the reticular dermis never cause keloidal and hypertrophic scarring. This suggests that these pathological scars are due to injury to this skin layer and the subsequent aberrant wound healing therein. The latter is characterized by continuous and histologically localized inflammation. As a result, the reticular layer of keloids and hypertrophic scars contains inflammatory cells, increased numbers of fibroblasts, newly formed blood vessels, and collagen deposits. Moreover, proinflammatory factors, such as interleukin (IL)-1α, IL-1β, IL-6, and tumor necrosis factor-α are upregulated in keloid tissues, which suggests that, in patients with keloids, proinflammatory genes in the skin are sensitive to trauma. This may promote chronic inflammation, which in turn may cause the invasive growth of keloids. In addition, the upregulation of proinflammatory factors in pathological scars suggests that, rather than being skin tumors, keloids and hypertrophic scars are inflammatory disorders of skin, specifically inflammatory disorders of the reticular dermis. Various external and internal post-wounding stimuli may promote reticular inflammation. The nature of these stimuli most likely shapes the characteristics, quantity, and course of keloids and hypertrophic scars. Specifically, it is likely that the intensity, frequency, and duration of these stimuli determine how quickly the scars appear, the direction and speed of growth, and the intensity of symptoms. These proinflammatory stimuli include a variety of local, systemic, and genetic factors. These observations together suggest that the clinical differences between keloids and hypertrophic scars merely reflect differences in the intensity, frequency, and duration of the inflammation of the reticular dermis. At present, physicians cannot (or at least find it very difficult to) control systemic and genetic risk factors of keloids and hypertrophic scars. However, they can use a number of treatment modalities that all, interestingly, act by reducing inflammation. They include corticosteroid injection/tape/ointment, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, compression therapy, stabilization therapy, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) therapy, and surgical methods that reduce skin tension. KEYWORDS: hypertrophic scar; keloid; radiation; steroid tape; surgery Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+
  12. What is my condition and my options?

    I don't see any scarring, ... just PIE or wounding post accutane from the acne. This can take about a year to go away. V-beam or vascular laser is a good treatment and IPL (the reds it works on). You could do well with a few Glycolic peels, your skin is in great condition, ... this would help with the texture and tone. You cannot peel until 6 months after Accutane. Please see the first post called FAQ under scar solutions. Goto the tca section, click the link and read about acid peels on the first page.
  13. Acne Scars - My Journey - Subcision

    @EagleEva I think you should do 3 subcisions (you can save the last one if you wish till down the road). I think you should do your TCA cross that will take a few, he could probably do that in the places he is not doing subcision next time. When I originally saw your pictures I thought about RF needling and getting some improvement on the large pores and temple scars. It's cheap in Europe one person quoted $300ish a session for Intracel. I don't know does he have this device, his website is not clear about this. So if it's affordable and you can find it, sure go for it after cross. Your scars are very surface oriented and as such I think you will get lots of improvement with subcision, tca cross, and a peel. You can stop at any time your satisfied. You don't have to do something. Your scars are surface oriented so a peel or erbium resurfacing might work just fine. I always am on the side of peels before laser, some do laser and that is fine as well. I just try to get people the maximum improvement possible. I do not know his skill with laser (This is why I suggested a test spot next time somewhere on the face to see) . Some just do erbium fractional and not the ablative (over riding the settings) style Dr. Lim does. I know you would get a good result with A deep TCA peel or Phenol before the summer. Let's take it in steps. Do the subcision and tca cross sessions, and well see what is next after weather deep peel or rf needling. Just update here and I will try to help with next steps. He can subcise your forehead scars too. I was unclear what you said above concerning that, if he would do that. BA
  14. Acne Scars - My Journey - Subcision

    @EagleEva This all seems normal. One can swell and get red after subcision. IF the bump continues (you mention it went down this is a good sign). See him again and he can give you a steroid especially if your prone to keloid scars. That being said this is all normal stuff after subcision. What I have read about him he does like Laser, but as you said is respectful if you decline. Your the one running the show so tell him no if you don't want it. Erbium would be better than CO2 definitely if you do go that path, but peels will get you to the same place, ... typically this is done at the end for texture. Does he do sedated TCA or phenol peels? Of course he will not say he has heard of fat loss, ... possibly a sales tactic or he won't admit to any issue. Maybe he runs the settings so so low it does not cause issues but costs $$$ for extra treatments, who knows. He does seem conservative in his video's laser settings (below). Maybe it has never happened to him. You can always get more subcision done with him if saline Chinese cupping works well for you & TCA Cross, .... you can go elsewhere for rf microneedling (you may be fine without that step now seeing more pics, you can save this for latter if you needed more), finish your tca cross and subcision work, then resurface with filler in the cheeks before you do so.. I know he is good with filler, if the saline / cupping does not work well. I really see filler working on that right cheek in the pic it seems to have some fat loss. IF you do wish to go the laser path (erbium resurfacing) please have him do a specific area test spot while he's doing another treatment if it concerns you. Then you can see how you do. No do not suction over the bump area until it goes down more, you can ice it if you wish. Any non bumped areas you can suction. If you start bleeding you don't have to suction and can wait some more, it's not scary, you just hold some tissue on it. Looks good so far!
  15. Hypopigmentation - loss of skin colour

    This is in the FAQ - top of the scar solutions sub (first post ;-) WHAT IS: HYPOPIGMENTATION - white spots (loss of pigment) Q: What Is Hypopigmentation? A: Hypopigmentation is: Vitiligo, pigment loss due to burns, scars, skin discoloration. Treatments: XTRAC Excimer Laser at 308nm or Light Box phototherapy treatments UV-B lamp, Melgain (Decapeptide - Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor), and microneedling at home. Clinics use costly Recell which only has a small percentage of working on scars. A new spot treatment is LATISSE (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) to darken the hypopigmentation and and cause "some" pigment to slowly return. Checkout the link below for how a member fixed his hypopigmentation. If nothing works there is medical tattooing Read More here:
  16. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    @boafriend Take a look at this, ... they used a 1064nm laser as treatment around the last page this advice was given.
  17. Tips for wound healing

    As ScarRight said, silicone gel pads or liquid is a great treatment for fresh scars. Yes please check with your doctor doctor wound instructions as they are responsible for your care.
  18. How to treat my scars

    "Aging seems to unfairly treat the acne-scarred patient with the tendency to prematurely age theareas most affected by the scarring process. Complex cicatricial patterns may involve epidermis, dermis, and subcutis with both bound-down scars and loss of structure necessitating a combination of several techniques."
  19. Advice on plan of treatment for scars on cheek

    @damnscars Thanks for the clarification, I didn't even think of this. If I get filler somewhere else, will it be pretty obvious where and how much to inject - i.e. where the bruises or needle insertion points are? -- NO ... they inject where it will give you the best volume. Sometimes it's not injecting where the bruises are ... see a expert injector. After Infini I would wait a few months, this is how long collagen takes to build. Doing too much too soon is not beneficial for the body. We heal slowly. At the very minimum a month. Doing mega treatments benefit the DR $$$$ not patient.
  20. Salicylic acid burn help!

    No open wounds when you peel, ... for some it can open up recent wounds. Don't use any other topicals or exfoliants when you peel. Example retin A, etc... Sounds like acid got deeply under the skin or something. You could be allergic to the ingredients in the cleanser and it caused a reaction. Please goto a doctor to have them take a look. Aloe Vera and Honey are good as well as a alternative. This will take several weeks to heal. BA
  21. TCA Cross and TCA peel together question. Help please!

    Please read the FAQ top of the scar solutions sub, first post, goto the tca section, click the link. Read the whole first page. IT will tell you how to cross safely. Start lower and build up %. Test on only one icepick first so you know what to expect with healing. Yes laser is terrible for what you have going on, cross is the treatment for icepicks.
  22. A TCA Peel(s) and TCA Cross would work. Laser alternative would be vascular laser, and a laser peel.
  23. How to treat my scars

    @Thomas001 Are you trolling? You know Dr Lim just recommended this forum specifically for our advice!!!!!! Are you discrediting him as well? If Drs are so great why come here, ... why bother, it's so much easier to pay and just trust the Dr to do whatever may and may not be in your best interest $$$$$. Your trying to dissuade others from getting the help they need. You don't like the free advice we give here, .... simple goto any DR like a convenience store they will pull out their laser and treat you. After you spend $10,000s on a buffet on treatments that don't work for a severe acne scar suffer, they come to this forum for advice. We give other options for those who treatments have not worked. Many have had their faces ruined by laser. Many are very , very angry about being taken advantaged of or ruined by Drs / Specialists. AUS is one of the few places in the world where you can get medicare to pay for treatment with laser, ... the rest of the world it's out of pocket and considered "cosmetic." The choices are limited with medicare payments to Infini (DR Lim does ues this often), CO2, manual sub and Erbium. I don't believe peels are covered. If it was free / cheap, we would all goto Dr Lim. But we cannot compare your scars and treatment to everyone else, ... were all different and heal differently. The 90's they were doing ablative CO2 not Erbium. They stopped this because of skin damage. You have minor acne issues on a scale you'd be a 1 or 2. Look at the small pits they are uniform depth ( I would not have discovered this without more information you gave above after treatments, with your above pics being soo close) - the pics were too close. They are all on the same plane. ....Of course laser would work and by Dr Lim is world renowned use of laser. I truly believe Dr Lim fixed you with laser, this is his specialty. Other people do not have this option locally. Laser treatments are not permanent, you are uneducated about this. For some it could be. Aging skin is a ongoing battle. Also regardless of erbium or CO2 thermal damage can occur (read real self). Please look up the action of how laser works before speaking, ... it's the operator not the device that makes the outcome. With peels this does not happen (much more controlled). Why does Dr. Lim who you saw also have videos on how to do TCA peels at home. Erbium Yag CAN cause fat loss. Search on Google..... These Doctors were not dumb and did not go too deep, again not correct. Some people cannot handle laser, have sensitive or thin skin, have poor side effects. Have different levels of moisture, skin / vitamin / mineral content. Your Skin is NOT everyone else's ... false equivalency. Your in the swelling phase, let us know 6 months after, that is the only time after pictures should be taken. Dr Lim is known for his Erbium Peels like other doctors are known for their sedated acid peels that do the same thing. Dr Lim is known for be aggressive laser wise and overriding the default setting other Drs use. There are many ways to get to the same point of treatment. Have you ever done a TCA peel, doesn't sound like it. So your going off of some fear tactic regarding people being hurt. Dr. Lim did not mention this in his TCA peel video to the public if your safe and educated. We have a full guide to keep people safe with peels, it fully tells you how to do them. They do the same thing as a erbium treatment and have been around for thousands of years. We tell people to go peel with a doctor, but they are free to do it at home if they wish. Explain them not working to all the people who have actually had them work on this forum. We NEVER tell you not to goto a board certified Dr for treatment. It's the easiest way after all right just to goto the doctor and fully trust them. We have no conflicts of interest, or "agenda." I am sorry you feel so poorly against a site that offer free education and support to those treatments have not worked, have had their skin destroyed, and are desperate for help. Again it's great you had Dr. Lim help you, best of luck on your good outcomes of treatment.
  24. How to treat my scars

    @Thomas001 Glad laser worked for you, it hasn't worked for many and they have had bad side effects. So my advice is there are many ways experts can get you to the same place you want to be. There are many paths to get to where you want to be. You were given laser advice by ObiWon in response above. Your pictures were of poor quality and extremely close up (it did not give a good idea of your scars), we could not evaluate that properly. Of course you goto a doctor, they are the ones who took you money and can also take advantage of you, it's a business transaction. Glad you liked your Dr, for many this won't work, and I have suggested erbium resurfacing for many and peels if you read more of the forum (peels were mentioned above). This means you could have gotten similar results with peels. We only gave you free advice. Acid Peels would have done the same thing as I mentioned above. It's funny you come to a site to bash people (who give you advice and education for free, were not paid and we don't do your treatment we tell you to goto a Dr) when you could have just gone to your Dr and he would gladly take your money,and do whatever he felt is best (glad it worked for you, it does not for many others - your scars were extremely minimal). Laser results only lasts for 2-4 years ;-)
  25. Tips for wound healing

    I would just replace it over the other Steri-strips and contact the doctor, ask their instructions for healing. 2 months is a long time. You might be able to put a wet semi warm wash cloth to try to dissolve the glue (be gentle - let the water soak in the stubborn strip for a bit), see if the strips will come off easier, then replace when dry.