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  1. Getting rid of scars on chest

    Subcision would be best for this. Yes these are rolling scars. It will take several rounds with a nokor needle. You could do suction / vacuum after the subcision with a Chinese cupping (Amazon). Acid peels are great but not when they are tethered like this. , You must first release. Ablative co2 laser is better than sublative for scars of this type, and Infini rf is better, no side effects, more controllable.
  2. my subcision experience

    Yes, they price fix most of the derms in the area, you call the 800 number and they connect you based on the treatment you need. IE. Dr. Ting in San Ramon is CA derm, etc..
  3. HELP!!!! Apple cider vinegar burned my face

    You don't have a scar yet, you have a fresh wound. You should be keeping it moist with honey / aloe vera. Scars take a while to forum. Those scars creams take forever and are not effective. Hydrocortisone is good for redness if used for 2 weeks, any more and it will thin your skin, it may stunt healing though as it's a steroid. Talk to a dermatologist if you have concern or the pharmacist. Ask them for a burn cream, this is a chemical burn.
  4. Are these ice pick scars or just clogged pores?

    I am not seeing on my computer / your pics / issue... "icepick" or pores. Your skin looks perfect. Sometimes doing something makes our skin worse than it is. You can try some glycolic peels or some tca peels.
  5. I don't know the scar type i have. Please give me some advices

    Your 18, you will heal with time, Do a light glycolic peels, or some people like clarsonic you know the ultrasonic brush thing and some sensitive soap like cetaphil to exfoliate. There is no age deadline to fix any problems, as we grow older we get more problems haha. You can try active face masks if your in Asia.
  6. I don't know the scar type i have. Please give me some advices

    These are scarred macules / scar pores and box cars. Your best bet is TCA peels on the area. IT will take several of them. You have ethnic skin so you need to use a combo of tretinorin and hydroquinone creams 2-4 weeks before your peels and again after you heal from your peels to avoid hyperpigmentaiton. I consider you issue very minor, if you go to strong on the acid percentage it can do more harm so build up to the appropriate level or goto a ethnic med spa / Aesthetic Derm. Your issue really isn't that bad, sometimes we can make things worse by doing something rather than leaving it alone, I do not notice anything until you zoom in very close, minor scarring.
  7. Enlarged Pores and Raised Acne scars on nose

    I gave you the treatments you need above. No filler can't be used in your nose.
  8. Opinions lasers, filler

    Microneedling treatments will do nothing for this type of scarring. TCA applied like that will do nothing for this type of scar, they should have done tca cross on your icepicks, which does not sound right at 100%, you need several of them perhaps you only did one, if acid can burn things off car parts it can help raise icepicks. Ok so I think your doctors did the wrong thing. You have All scar types. You need several "NOKOR" the type of needle subcision, this should be your first treatment, followed by filler when your swelling goes down, this will baseline your face. You need several tca cross sessions for the icepicks, (it takes MANY). I would not bother with microneedling for your case or laser, what will help you is Infini RF or Vivance RF micorneedle, much better than Deep FX and more controllable. Deep FX is only good once you fix your face more, it's way overpriced, and you can do the same thing with medium to deep TCA peels without side effects. You might get sculptra injected throughout your cheeks as you have lots of fat deficiency (this does not fill scars fyi, it stimulates collegen growth), you can also just voluma if you would rather, but this will cost more as more $$$$ / mls are needed. After you finish all that you can do a few medium TCA peels for skin texture, at a doctor, they will go much higher than 30% or do a Phenol peel under sedation or laser which has side effects. The best Drs in the US for this are Dr. Novick NYC, Dr. Sandove is a PS in Flordia who specializes in Fat grafting (longer lasting) for acne scars like this, or Dr. Rullan SD. You can also break up your treatments and find the subcision w/ filler first locally, then a dr who does tca cross, and medium depth sedated peels. This will be a 2 or 3 year process and cost $$$$. FYI your skin will never be 100% perfect but it will be much better, don't want unrealistic expectations.
  9. Enerjet?

    Enerjet works for some, read the reviews on places like realself or do a Google for it. I don't think there are many reviews for several reasons. It's not in the USA, mainly in Canada, Europe, Made in Israel. It is temporary for several months. While it shoots the filler just under the epidermis top/ mid dermis, I have seen some pictures where it is not as precise as subcision plus filler with a needle. It does not work for Icepicks. For rolling scars it gives "some" improvement. For deep fat deficient rolling scars you need injections of HA filler after Nokor subcision. I hear it's costly too compared to having someone just inject you. Give a single treatment a try if you wish. If you tried microneedling and it did nothing it sounds like you could use treatments of Infini RF or vivance rf microneedle, much better than laser. Also tca spot peels are good for softening textural or surface box cars, give that a try. Enerjet is like meso so it plumps up the skin, pull back your skin to the ears and see how it looks, you will get a percentage of this improvement. Watch videos on Youtube.
  10. my subcision experience

    Dr Rullan or Dr. Ransom Sf - No idea if they will do it on your skin type, Ransom may say laser but tell him you want tca cross for icepicks. Bay area Drs mainly do laser unless you goto the very expensive California Dermatology which price fixes many derms in the bay area, they would do it.
  11. HELP!!!! Apple cider vinegar burned my face

    Yes please keep applying aloe, honey is fine, sunscreen if you go into the sun. It will take a long time to heal, potentially months, use makeup over it . If it does not fade then it's hyperpigmentation and you can try skin bleach cream and tretinorin, but not for a several months.
  12. Red nose from squeezing

    CO2 is for resurfacing, the others are multiple of the same thing for red. Let your cosmetic derm or med spa decide. I would try the glyolic peels and creams I said first if you don't have the $$$$
  13. Red nose from squeezing

    Please goto a dermatologist. This will not be cured by any at home things. It will be costly as well. I suggest if you do not have the money to please use something like dermablend makeup to cover the redness until you do (macys used for surgeries). The redness will need multiple ipl, v-beam, excel v, or 1064nm laser treatments. If it is covered in scar tissue like you state (i haven't seen a pic) you will need co2 laser resurfacing or tca peels. You can try tretinorin found on ebay and hydroquinone cream in the mean time to see if it peels it some or light glycolic peels.
  14. URGENT - Just Had Subcision

    Yes it's too soon to vacuum if your getting blood draw. The 12 thing seems a bit much to me, so this is what I do. I do like 5 times a day, for longer periods of time. 12-25 seconds depending on what you can handle. Many cannot do this at work so they do it morning and evenings.
  15. my subcision experience

    I agree with Quad, I think you need more subcisions, some of the spots are still tethered. Once you do 1 or 2 more. I would do several TCA spot peels on the area of the scars and tca cross for your ice picks. Because it seems you have ethnic skin you must use hydroquinone aka skin bleach cream and retin a a few weeks before you peel and after you heal from your peel, this avoids hyperpigmentation. Please also dilute and do test spots as ethnic skin cannot take higher percentages. You can goto any med spa and get this done or checkout the faq top of the acne scar sub, then the acid peels section and link all things peels. It will take 2-3 years for your peels depending on your down time and what you have time to do.

    @N1xsta What you did is exactly right, you will have no frosting at that percentage, you do not want it, you are seeing what your skin can handle so I don't get another my skin is burnt post , congrats on your first TCA which will be progressive upping the % over time ;-P There is a trick, if you do a tiny test spot on the face, you can try a slightly higher percentage before you do your spot peels if you would like to bump it up, just don't do it on the spots you already did. What Quad said is right use those thin gauze pads or qtip, not a cotton ball, too much tca can pool. @Quadboy You know I appreciate your help with TCA posts. Might I suggest not recommending 25% right out of the gate. There has been some serious burns here by people who slap that on their face. You must respect this acid. This is why I build safety in to start low (dilute) and spot test, and build up depending on their reaction / how they heal. Can you imagine a ethnic / pigmented (must use lower %), thin skin, sensitive,patient who does this and burns themselves (They cannot use the higher percentages). Also why I do not give broad recommendations of what the % should be, it's progressive. One companies 100% can be another companies 15% (Depending how they make it ). Where you are right and I agree is higher percentages get better results from scars, but this must be done slowly, some never move past 12.5% or 15%, look at the people complaining about Retin A on here. Drs can use ultra high percentages and know what to do in a emergency to avoid burns. We can only build up gradually. I have just seen way to many burn patients who just use whatever which is risky and so wanted to put out that warning. TCA cross can be used with a much higher percentage, but this is because it's used in a small area and in tiny amounts. Burns take weeks, months, years or a lifetime to heal, please be cautious anyone reading this, but it's a great tool if used right! At this time Quad I am sure you can go 30 or 25% but less is more with this stuff ;-P don't get to overly confident haha. Thank you, remind them to dilute and test, like I said above one can do a tiny test spot test and then do another slightly higher % tiny spot before their peel to see. @Noa27 try to build to a higher percentage, Dr's go quite high up. You might test tca cross if the boxcars are small enough.
  17. My 2017 Subcision + Filler Experience/Results

    @EvidentNancy Any Expert injector who has done acne scars knows how to do filler for them. Look at reviews. You need the swelling to go down, you cannot do this when you fly to a remote place for a treatment. I do not recommend Voluma here. You have surface scars, I gave the correct recommendation above about water attracting fillers. Jaws, temples, do not matter, we are talking about surface acne scars here. If you have major fat deficiency then you might need Voluma. For aesthetics checkout juvederm's website of filler choices.
  18. The Derminator Thread

    @RickeyDog1989 No way, thats nuts, moderation is best. Collagen takes 90 days to form. Do you really want a bacterial infection like a druggie who uses too many needles. 3mm goes to the fat, no data suggests that. He can do that, good for him, it's not necessary. More is not always good for regeneration, healing is necessary. Now if he's doing .75mm that's different, still bacterial can be introduced. It's not natural to prick the skin all the time, there is a point the body says enough is enough. @LivingWithFaith Research Google, there is reviews all over the place. No one advertises for this device so I don't know what you mean. All of our reviews are because it works, it's cheap, and there is no other automatic needling device like it. Dermapen is thousands of dollars to buy or you need to goto a doctor. I suggest searching for derminator on the search above. This has been 10 pages about it. Buy whatever you wish no one is forcing anyone here. You can learn about several devices on the website and, everything seems to come from China.
  19. Deep Acne Scar treatments?

    The list of doctors we know is on the faq top of the acne scar sub and the bottom. Otherwise look at the for reviews and call and see if they do tca cross also
  20. @EvidentNancy Those prices do not seem accurate. Remember Novick includes filler, Rullan does not. This is a huge price difference if you add that into subcision. Listen to Quan It's a couple thousand dollars with filler. It isn't per scar, I believe it is per area. Yes Rullan is per face. It does not include filler. It does not matter where you get the filler as long as they are a expert injector (nurse most of the time) and have experience filling pits or acne scarring. You wait till your swelling goes away from the sub and then do filler, It does not have to be his nurse or him. Sure if you get some quick injector they will not care, but if they have experience and take the time on the pits it can be done after anywhere. You get what you pay for. To me it's crazy to travel across country for sub, for PS or a face lift / fat graft maybe but not sub or fillers. It will take some homework to find someone who does this procedure with a nokor needle. You will need several of them not just one. It's not 2k per visit. If your doing 2k, you wait till the filler is gone and then go back that could be a year. You can always say no to filler. Goto Novick and jet get subcision if it's a issue, tell him you will consider filler the next time, or find someone cheaper and local like Keving says ;-) If you did novick you could fly home the same day or do it your last day in NYC, so no hotel.
  21. URGENT - Just Had Subcision

    I get back when I can, just one of me. Use as much as you can handle. You can pump the highest if you can take it. Yes slide it around to cover scars so they all get equal coverage.
  22. What treatment do you reccomend?

    These are surface boxcars and icepicks. Your best bet is several procedures tca cross for the icepics. TCA spot peels on the cheeks and areas for the box cars (it will take several of them over a extended period of time). Many have found Infini RF or vivance helpful - rf microneedle. If you wish to do the peels yourself or just educate on the process goto the faq, top of the scar sub, then tca peels, and all things peels link. Or you can have a med spa or do them locally.
  23. Hi Ryan, very few people respond in this sub of a sub ( I moved it to acne scar sub from hypertrophic). I answered both your private message, and posts on this. You have not read the acne scar faq, section tca peels and all things peels link located at the top of the acne scar sub. If you read it you would understand one does not frost with 12.5% ever. Nor do you ever throw acid on your face and think it will be magical. When I tell people to dilute to 12.5% I say in a tiny hidden spot test and see how you heal. Some people are so sensitive they can handle no more and must do their spot or full face peel like this at 12.5%. For everyone else you progressively move up to a higher percentage at a couple percentage a time (test, then do your peel if that goes ok). I don't want to have to deal with another person who burnt themselves badly from not following the instructions so I must in full disclosure tell you that you can really harm yourself badly if you do not read the instructions and just decide to do it, has happened many times to posters. No you cannot double peel percentages or throw some on tomorrow, you must wait several weeks now, this is why we test a spot, then you could try a higher percentage soon after. Just because you don't see frosting does not mean it's not working. Frosting can also mean burns, so please be educated in your peeling. Good luck .
  24. My 2017 Subcision + Filler Experience/Results

    @EvidentNancy Here is whats going on. Not everyone needs filler. First mistake is going in and asking for something you do not need. If you do not have a pit the size of a pencil eraser in depth why get filler, it will create a bump. For those who have medium to major fat loss and pits, this makes since. For everyone else I would do the vacuum protocol (Chinese cupping on Amazon) for 3 weeks after. Infini rf microneedle also helps with these surface boxcars or and a medium tca peel(s) for texture. Second mistake most people make... when you fly to a doctor you have a much tighter schedule. If he injects the same day as subcision you have massive swelling, this must go down to be accurate with the amount to fill a pit. If it is not you can over inject. It can take several days for swelling to go away to a few weeks. So get the filler done locally to you or at another time. Nurses are much better at filler than Drs, ... this is because they do it all day long (expert injectors) ... the average PS office has a nurse and this is all she does. Drs have to do everything, and while knowledge can be rushed. Also get a filler that is NOT water attracting aka Volbella, Resty, etc... These are used in eye areas. You don't want a surprise boost of water retention.
  25. 10-year-old Icepick + Boxcar scars. What should I do?

    Rullan makes since for you, I remember your in CA or nearby. Novick is good but many people don't understand his pricing structure he's including filler while Rullan is not in his subcision price. You don't need filler for icepicks ... icepicks = tca cross, boxcars do well like this (surface) with infini rf and subcision. This is why I did not recommend filler, you don't want bumps, there is no deep fat deficiency ... now if you want some for aesthetics not scars that's different. (you have surface scar issues). Rullan can do all the procedures. ;-)