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  2. Forehead acne scars

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    Emu oil then I would recommend and retin a / tretinorin every night aka differin.
  3. Will subcision help? Pics included

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    @Scarredtodepression Please have Rullan do Nokor subcision and use a cannula (in and out like a filler injection) to do saline if you cannot afford filler or prp throughout the whole cheek. You have textural scars, Nokor alone won't do it. You need it from both axis points Nokor / Cannula act diffrently to subcise. Filler would be beneficial but I understand. If you cannot afford rf needling which you badly need, I would say buy a derminator and microneedle monthly until you can do rf.
  4. @Amp2695 No breakouts, but I am not your skin, ... your just using this on days you go out and spot treating, not all over. Wash it off at night. Also use the retin a / tretinorin and hydroquinone I recommended above nightly. Emu oil is also good for PIH. No won't slow it down, as long as the scabs are healed.Do not exfoliate! BA
  5. Best plan for me?

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    I would start with sub for any indentation RF needling in my mind is better than fraxel which is overpriced (it's insulated). If you do go the fraxel route have her do it at full density to get any effects. For the reds you need vascular laser. Strataderm is good stuff. HA filler, do not put permanent things in your body to star AKA Bella, see if you like naturally found in the bod HA filler first then consider. BA
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  7. @Amp2695 You can get vascular laser any time you wish, I know some people who get it a few times during treatments. Others wait to the end to save money. Again you can use concealer also (dermablend or tinted moisturizer) to spot cover also while you wait, many guys do that here. ;-) BA
  8. Sure try BP, thought you already did that, most common acne treatment ;-). But the Nizoral is worth a try.
  9. @Amp2695 This is common. Completely normal. As you state you have ethnic skin. Did you prep, with hydroquinone and retin a or tretinorin prior to treatment for 3 weeks with a one week break. You must continue this once the scabs fall off from cross. We are inducing a raised wound with cross which raises the deep icepicks. Most men in this position just buy some tinted moisturizer or some dermablend concealer and spot treat as they are red for several months. Of course you don't vascular laser or ipl till you finish treatment unless it bugs you and then some do it progressively Emu oil is healing as well. BA
  10. Forehead acne scars

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    @SelectedKitty1 Vascular laser or IPL will fix this up. It's PIE or wounding post symptom. Please look at the FAQ and the skin section, find PIE, ... lots of treatments in there. It can get better naturally but takes a year for some, for others they need treatments. Emu oil helps. BA
  11. @thepwhisp You do both with Novick Cannula (he may not use one so no worries) called field sub and nokor sub individually. I think you will end up with 2 sub sessions with Novick but I could be wrong, ... just form what I hear that's how he does it for the first time patient. He's a expert. BA
  12. Do me a favor, see your derm and get confirmation swab/culture but also try nizoral shampoo (pretty cheap) use as face wash and see if it helps (must sit on for several minutes) do a google search for "fungal acne". You mainly have icepics and need tca cross and a tca peel for the textural bumps. Do not peel till you clear papuals.
  13. Be very careful buying TCA peels online

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    This is why we recommend Makeup Artists Choice peels, they are legit and hold a good reputation in the industry and offer support for their peels. This is more common when one buys Amazon or ebay products. Often they use inferior products with poor PH. Of course your limited by only 35% M.A.C. and the Chinese companies sell 100% which often isn't car part cleaners. @UpliftingCat Perhaps has something to say on this.
  14. Best plan for me?

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    Shingles scars will not be helped by subcision unless there is pitting, I can't tell from pics. You have new scars and look like they have PIE or wounding. You need vascular laser for the color. Emu oil also helps. These take a very long time to heal on their own. I see no pitting or textural issues. Perhaps the photos don't show your scars, ... scars make shadows. It's hard to tell what is going on with your facial hair. I would shave before any treatment. Subcision w/ filler if any pits, PRP with RF Microneedling would be helpful. Start with vascular laser. Vitamin C will inflame. See the below related to Shingles scars. https://www.realself.com/question/london-gb-treatment-shingles-scar https://www.realself.com/question/mountain-view-ca-options-shingles-scar-chin "Hard one to call on one picture. My preference would be excision of the area .This will leave you a line- this line can be treated with laser. Second option is laser- fractional CO2 multiple sessions combined with subcision. Third option is filler- very complex in this location given the arteries. I suggest you see a Plastics or surgical dermatologist for an in depth consult. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim."
  15. I think you have it. Sub and filler. Notice Novick will do cannulla with filler before he does nokor sub from what I hear. He then will do individual scars (another treatment date) with nokor if you request it. This is a different approach but makes since for the way he does things (many paths same goal). No one knows how long filler will last for you, some it's more than a year +. others it's short as they grunt alot and goto the gym. It's variable. You will know after first sub. Do you sub or cannula w/ filler and nokor prior to rf needling. Then every 3 months do rf needling till you run out (filler), top up and sub again (a few times), and finish when things are more level with the skin - deep peel or erbium resurfacing. The spacing of the first appointment & rf needling is not as important as subsequent as your just starting.
  16. Will subcision help? Pics included

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    @Scarredtodepression Yes Dr Rullan is great! Have him do Nokor on the bigger pits. Filler with a cannula to act as a spacer throughout the whole cheek area (etc where you have scars). You don't need to do "Chinese Cupping" (Amazon) if you have filler done. It's a alternative for those who don't have filler or they don't have filler in a certain area. This is in the FAQ under the subcision section. Yes Voluma does not "improve" scars it acts as a spacer to raise pitting. Sounds like your talking about surface texture. Talk to Rullan about having a deep peel called Chemabrasion, he teaches other doctors how to do this peel (specialty), he even does it on ethnic skin. You do this last after you do more subcision and raise things more. BA
  17. This could be a number of things. Goto a dermatologist please. I can not determine. Perhaps get a skin biopsy of one. Could be over production of oil, small cysts, fungal infection, shingles, plaques, hypopigmented (loss of pigment) hypotrophic scarring, vitiligo, sebaceous hyperplasia, or warts . Again insist a dermatologist does a biopsy one one of them. @Obi wan What do you think on this case?
  18. Will subcision help? Pics included

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    I will have @Obi wan respond as well. You need cannular subcision often called in the USA filler with a cannula using prp, saline, or filler as a spacer and Nokor subcision on any of the deeper pits. Several sessions. RF needling should be good for you since it's insulated and works on all skin types. I would finalize your treatment with a deep peel or fully erbium resurfacing only to the scarred areas. You need a Dr who specializes in your skin type as it's prone to PIH. You need to prep your skin before any treatment for PIH as you said your prone. I would use hydroquinone or a skin bleaching cream and tretinorin or retin a at nightly for 3 weeks before the treatment and a one week break directly before your treatment date. Vascular laser may be used as well to treat this.
  19. Subcision/cross progress - before/after

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    @Scarredtodepression Hi there, as I have mentioned many times on the board, healing times vary per person. They are not universal. He may be quick and you may be slower. I would use a concealer or something like dermablend to cover the bruised areas or a tinted moisturizer (yes guys use this too after medical procedures). After a few days you could go back to work and go out. Your just covering the treated area. I don't think most people would go on a Date directly after treatment as the body is slow to heal and we would not naturally look our best. You have to do a few treatments to gain the level of improvement you desire.
  20. Forehead acne scars

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    A majority of your issue is PIE or wounding post acne. There are many treatment for this but the most effective is vascular laser. I would do this first before you begin any scar treatment as it's hard for me to evaluate what scars you have. PIE is not Scarring. There are other treatments checkout the FAQ - below and the skin section under PIE. Scars make shadows and the below is most effective on pitting. I think your too young for Botox and it's not necessary. Perhaps you will need subcision with a standard needle using a spacer like prp, saline, or filler. RF needling is also effecting after this is done for collagen growth. Finally you would do something for texture like a peel or fully ablative erbium resurfacing to the forehead. The cheeks look good. https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/361029-acne-scar-qa-faq-library-of-popular-threads/
  21. Try it this is all in the peel section of the faq (mega post). Many use tretinorin on here and glycolic is a more gentle peal than tca. So sure for very minor scars it could help. I see their scars still in the pictures they discoloration looks better and they are softened in appearance.
  22. subcision with Co2 in Korea - worked well

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    This is quasi meso injector / Enerjet. Look at the reviews of Enerjet that uses both "air" and "ha filler" ... they are not that good. Nokor subcision is the best for most cases or cannula filling. This won't fix most people's scars
  23. Hi guys I have gone over this several times now @Quadboy can help remind those who ask this. Dr. Chu does PRP because that is the way he does subscision (with or without it). PRP again acts as a spacer. IT will not last a long time for deeper scars like filler will. I have suggested that If you goto Chu, wait till the swelling goes down weather a week or 2 and do your subcision. You will know where you want filled and tell the expert injector nurse Dr who is nearby you. Dr. Emil is more expensive in Denmark and does filler and Sub together. Of course this is more expensive than Chu. Chinese cupping (Amazon) or vacuuming is another option, and it works for some and not for others, a how to guide is in the FAQ top of the acne scar sub. You do not have to goto the same Dr for sub and filler. You will be very swollen after the procedure, and most doctors don't do well under these conditions, so it's ok to wait for the swelling to go down. PRP helps one heal quicker and acts as a spacer. Perhaps Chu had complications with someone and filler before. You can do both, prp, wait for swelling to go down and get HA filler nearby. BA
  24. @Sydboi I would delay your subcision and pdo threads till you are in optimal health. Your gut biome (go get some probiotics) may be messed up from the antibiotics, you may have a allergic reaction, or a potential side effect. Please contact the treating doctor and let them know this and see what they say. You don't want to compound treatment if your flakey, itchy, and dry, etc...
  25. Scarless Healing

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    @Control Panel @Tano1 I am told by a regular user that this works as well. Hover over the username to the left. Click Ignore User. Be aware I think they can still see your posts, but you cannot see their posts. I wish they could not see the content as well.
  26. Bioifilm temporary filler

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    @vicki You can link NCBI articles, they are educational and will help others here. Please tell us more about your situation, did it finally resolve, ... what did you find that worked? Did they use Hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler? If it did not "culture as staph," how did you recognize what it was? Any other hints or tips about your experience? Did any natural treatments seem to help? Would you get filler again or are you over it completely.
  27. @Jaspa0411 I don't blame you, you have sensitive skin. I would follow what Dr. Lim says regarding this. Ask him next time about this. 4 Subs are recommended, this of course you are right can change, for some they need many more and for other's less. It's how your body responds. But realize these scars happened (damaged your skin) over a long time, doctors can miss things, the body can respond slowly and need more correction. As I stated above the body heals very slowly over 6 months, so doing one won't give you the percentage you could get out of the treatment with repeated application. I know many people want quick treatments, ... and their body to heal quickly. Sometimes it's anxiety or a event coming up. I find it's best to do other things to distract yourself from worrying and looking in the mirror. Your doing the best you can do and doing something about it and that is what matter most, let you body heal and don't stress about the rest. It often looks worse before better, just how it is.
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