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  2. If your in Brisbane, go see Dr Lim, he is a top acne scar specialist. Dermal grafting can often lead to other scars and deeper pitting and must be revised. 

    The pics didn't attach properly. 


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  4. @jack13 Please consult with a dermatologist or plastic concerning your issues. Ematrix is a viable solution for young scars. Picosure, your main issue is PIE is also a great treatment for you. Disappear, ... that depends on how your body heals,... it's a slow process. Depends how much it bugs you. you can always do some glycolic peels at home. 

  5. Are these photos real?

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    16 hours ago, Raster said:

    Maybe you can save the pics and post those instead?

    Exactly :smileys_n_people_82: (Copy - Paste), then we are not advertising a website who photoshopped or posts the best 1% of their pics, a known tactic by many Drs. There is no comparison to what is posted here and a website that's key goal is _____________. No one is making money or booking treatments off your care here (forums). Everything is backed by scientific data of the top 1% acne scar Drs who actually do these procedures. There is a reason I only say you will get 50% improvement after many treatments - ... treatment time. That is how the body heals. Some get more and some get less. It's a long journey, ... I am not promising anyone anything to make money and lock you into a package. "Unrealistic Expectations" are one of the biggest reasons for acne scar failure as stated in journals, promising glass smooth skin, and unrealistic results. We don't all heal the same or treat the same. This is why picture are a very small picture of the puzzle. Some people "buy cars" with pictures online, ... other's research more about the car, it's longevity, track record, specs, and functionality. They have to test drive the car first to make sure it's a good fit for them. 


    PS. @Candy Says Ask him about treatment, and his experience ... he knows from experience  nothing is 100% after doing "many treatments" over time.


    "These were subsequently classified into 44 themes covering five main areas: physical comfort and functioning; acceptability to self and others; social functioning; confidence in the nature and management of the condition; emotional well-being. The majority of respondents were unhappy with their scar's appearance due to their perceived stigma and psychological associations, and thus adopted different coping behaviours to hide or compensate for them. Often this made them unsociable and interfered with their communication skills, personal relationships, work life and leisure activities. Concerns about the diagnosis and persistent nature of scars were common, whilst unempathic management by general physicians and frustrations of current treatment compounded distress." https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1748681508003951

    Patients with
    unrealistic expectations should not be encouraged to undergo surgery … operatively, 25% of the
    patients achieved minimal improvement (<25% clearance) of their acne scars" - https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/f2ed/237acdff91b9147083b5b9f6019d793f512b.pdf
  6. https://oureverydaylife.com/225119-active-ingredients-in-mederma.html

    Onion (slight lightening) and Aloe Vera.

    Hence My rec for Silicone Gel, hydrogel, or occlusion. 

    Many paths to the same goal. Mederma does not work for some, ... it's occlusion. 
  7. Everything we do here has "scientific backing." Your Dr is stuck in his ways and not open to new treatment options. The top 1% have to constantly stay up with treatments and "new" data. Secondly you have a pool of acne scar suffer's here that tell you what works and does not minus the sales and marketing and huge packages with false promises by general Drs calling themselves scar Drs. This is why we offer the top 1% acne scar Drs to get a basis for treatment and see what they are doing.  

    That being said, yes do the cupping or suctioning if he did not fill certain spots if you wish. This is why Sculptra is better for a widespread filler (Spacer). HA is good for spot treatment. 

    Massaging will do little.

    There is little besides the above, and healthy diet / lifestyle you can do with subcision. Bruising is part of that process. It takes you around 3 months to see results. 

    I am sorry your Dr provided so poor aftercare instructions, ... it is on them 100% to make sure you get the desired results. I guess he figures if you had infection or whatever you wound call the office. 


  8. @jack13 Let's prioritize some things. Your major issue is hyperpigmentation, ... but a bigger concern is you still break out. So yes getting picosure or vascular laser would be great to help with both issues. No I would not start microneedling while doing this as you could spread bacteria. Red wounds mean healing, ... this is PIE and a normal part of wound care. The body is very slow to heal.

    1 month old is considered a young/fresh scar, even a few months, your body is still healing the wound you can occlude it with Aquaphor/Vaseline. Regarding your scar on the left cheek, ... it's a young scar I can tell. This is why I suggested silicone gel if it's been a month or so...to see if it fills back in. E-matrix is a great treatment for young scarring. 

    We can consider microneedling and or peels once you get the acne under control. 

    Have you considered low dose accutane, ... you can stop and start at any time. 

    Yes I would get a consultation(s) other than this $2000 acne program, that is rediculous again. One can do hydro peels, extractions, and or light based therapies for acne under this cost. 

    Let's worry about pits once we figure the other parts out. If you need subcision down the road, so be it.
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  10. @mjg713 Waiting game, ... you can try some cortisone mixed with lotion (if it's been some time since you first got the wounds), derms might give you a steriod. But red means healing, and they don't want to stop that. We can heal for many months. Look at the PIE treatments under skin in the FAQ of more ideas.

  11. Type of scars and best treatments please

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    @Rubenmasilva No subcision does not give you immediate results. You take 3-6 months to heal, ... often looking worse before better, the body is very slow to heal. Now if you get a "HA" filler then yes that will be how it looks when the swelling goes down, ... Sculptra takes some time to kick in as it stimulates the bodies collagen growth.

    You do your subcision, ... then microneedle and peel after 2 months or so... at home treatments (peels-needling) every month or so, it depends on the strength and depth - more for the later. 
  12. No it's not a scam. But many do not understand the action and freak out. We are rasing the scar floor. As such your scars may widen, ... you will need multiple treatments with the end goal being a resurfacing weather by peel or laser for the texture. New wounds are red, so you may have to conceal them. If they are widespread and more of large pores fraxel can be hellpful. If you only have a few some do punch excisions.

    Older people tend to heal slower, so be aware of all of this and consult with the Dr about treatment. 

    Our list of Drs in the faq - top of the acne scar sub.  

  13. Looking to optimize my subcision results

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    You don't have to do anything else but live a healthy lifestyle conducive to healing. No we do not do suction or massage with filler, unless it's Sculptra. Please Follow your Dr's after care instructions. Results do not appear until around 3-6 months ... fully.  

  14. Type of scars and best treatments please

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    @Rubenmasilva You do not need filler unless you choose sculptra injected throughout, ... possibly one vial post subcision. You need subcision the most. No you do not do subcision and a week latter do microneedling. You need time to heal, ... I recommend 3 months post subcision doing another treatment, ... with filler that can be longer. At home microneedling can be done between treatments if the mm (depth is low). If you over tax the bodies ability to heal, ... it won't properly. IF your comparing the Derminator and rf needling there is no comparision. IT's like comparing laser and at home microdermabrasion (one is much weaker). That being said if you are low on money and need DIY. Do the subcision, ... then alternate peels and microneedling at home. IT's a slow process but you will get some % of improvement. Then you can move on to DR's treatments which are more costly if you need more improvement.

    @skyblue2073 Please do not post real self here. We do not allow marketing. I gave sound advice above. The OP want's a cheaper way to treat his scars. Did you even read my post(s) above ^?  IF you would like to follow real self that is great for your own research or decision making process. Otherwise we do not need to Promote Lim here, he get's enough praise. Drs treat many different ways. Rullan (etc) may fix this person's scars and he does not even post on Real Self or market himself, ... there are many other physicians. While Lim is talented, he is a laser dermatologist and as such your paying for that advice. Some Drs don't even use lasers and get great results. Many paths to the same goal, ... you need a Dr with experience and that costs $$$$ for scar treatment. Always get consultation(s) by multiple Drs before starting a costly scar journey. DIY at home treatments are safe(legal) to start at home, for someone with financial constraints. Many can do subcision once a year, & DIY treatments,... even on the smallest of budgets. 
  15. @jack13 Banish is a multi-level marking campaign with photoshopped pictures and aggressive tactics. It's basically a peel anyone can buy, see MUAC under the acid peel guide in the faq- top post of the acne scar sub, with some other active ingredients for lightening. MUAC also has such a peel for far cheaper. This is the wrong sub to discuss acne, please see the main forum for that area. We treat scars post acne. Get a 2nd or 3rd opinion from a qualified Dr(S) regarding the causes of your acne and their treatment. Acne.org this site sells a acne program so it's not proper to discuss other competitors, which is considered marketing here. 
  16. Never do something because you believe in "pictures" which can be easily photo shopped, camera-lighting angles ... or selected to be the top cases. I provide data for your research. Drs before and afters and white papers have a goal and it's not a accurate representation of "all" cases. That being said acid peels and microneedling are beneficial for light scars. Often patients think they will have glass smooth skin based off pictures and Drs promises for $$$$. You will have softened texture and collagen growth if you heal well. At home treatments are not as strong as in clinic procedures -technique. Keep this in mind. I think peels and microneedling are great DIY for light scarring and or textural issues at home. When you get into deep peels and more complicated acid procedures (Drs can be more beneficial ao avoid possible mistakes), light percentages are safe. Please Follow the acid peel mega guide link in the FAQ - top of the acne scar sub, first post. The biggest issue we see on the site is mistakes with people who "try things" with acid peels. 


  17. Subcision in France/ Switzerland?

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    Research! We only recommend what is frequently used. Call the offices and ask and of course take a educated chance based off reviews, ratings, patients experience, Drs years of experience, ... what percentage of their practice is acne scars. I am sure there are several Drs who do this treatment, ... but they are not the 1% of providers for "Acne scars." Some will take the risk.

  18. Creams and Subcision

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    Yes you stop. Because it causes the skin to thin and accelerated turn over. Please google the action of the cream. You start again when the skin has healed post treatment and wounds have closed. Ask your provider these questions please they are responsible for you, ... I cannot take responsibility for your aftercare (they may feel differently and that is ok, ... it's on them).  

    Retin a / Differin /Tretinorin = Topical Accutane (aka vitamin a). 

  19. Chicken Pox scar

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    @doflamingo He is seeing the vertexes (forces) of where your skin stretches on the area. Make sure he knows his stuff. Maybe do a few first. Research. Look at pics. Ask for after care and if things go wrong. If they will be wider. Will he do laser on them after. Cheap is not always good, could be... so research ;-) Tell him you do not want it bigger the wound. See his other work.

    You pay for experience, skill, and different procedures, time. Have them elaborate.

    Botox is a must!
  20. @mjg713 It occludes and makes the body heal itself. Like those hydrogel bandages, They use them after any surgery procedure on the wound. 
  21. scarred pores (pics Included)

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    @luvskincare13 Before recent lasers, ... the treatment for Melasma was ... TCA peels ;-) Give that a try with your regimine after you get things under control. Yes clear and brilliant is slow, .... you need like 12 of them, it's baby fraxel, but makes since in your case with flares. The advantage like microneedling is putting actives into the skin to stop the Melasma. 

  22. Your scars are very minor, there is no 1-10 rating in scar work... @TheMadTitanNamedThanos

    You do not need filler.

    You mainly have box cars, and some icepicks. I cannot tell from the pics the depth of the scars, ... scars make shadows. They look very superficial. Monomorphic (same plane). You can try a few at home tca peels to the cheeks. I would definitely get picosure done for the hyperpigmentation or vascular laser. You may need some tca cross (this may be enough) and or paint on spot peels to the individual pits of the box cars. You can finish with erbium resurfacing or a peel(s) by a Derm. If you wish to do only at home treatment first try the derminator or dermastamping as well alternate every month. You have ethnic skin so please use retin-a/tretnorin/differin nightly with a konjac and albutin cream to avoid hyperpigmentation and cause cell turnover. Stop during treatments. All this is optional. Treat when you have time and money.

  23. What are acne scars treatments

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    No fractional laser will not fix scars. Just soften them a bit (%). Subcision is used for pits and more effective. Vascular laser for red mark hyperpigmentation. Blogs and internet advice say all sorts of things. Please get a consult by 2-3 dermatologists. If they push laser first run unless your scars are very minor, ... one can also get a few peels in that case as well.

  24. The services is known for different bacteria, and well stress,... just like wrestlers and those who are athletes have to watch out for the mats. You in the sun often, pushing yourself, food is not the best,... it's understandable.


    I would never spend $2000 to treat acne. You can get a hydropeel for a hundred something. Extraction by aesthetician  is not that expensive. For many acne can be caused by diet or stress.

    Sugar, carbs, processed, dairy, etc... Some try the elimination diet and go more produce and fruit route.

    Some have fungal acne and have to try things like sulfur soap and or ketoconazole.

    Your scars are minor to the cases I have to help daily. Seriously it's in your head. IF you got a few vascular laser treatments or picosure for ethnic skin types the reds would disappear and hel a lot. That is your biggest issue. Worry about scars when you get the acne under control. I don't know if the army allows low dose accutane, check on that one.

    If you are depressed either get a therapist, or there is a app called talkspace which is cheap and you can talk about it on your smart phone. This is your biggest hurdle. I think this could really help you.

    Yes I would do vascular laser, and or hydropeels. Get the acne under control. 

    Get a second/third opinion besides the one clinic your seeing.

    Try Silicone gel on the scar on the left cheek, ... if it's older than 1 months.


  25. Acne Scar TCA CROSS???

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    @faebee Then they might have to re-excise. TCA Cross isn't going to fix this quickly, in fact it can widen it, make it red, and multiple procedures are needed, then resurfacing is done. Perhaps the surgeon did not do it properly.  Please have a few consultations by a few plastic surgeons or cosmetic dermatologists. 
  26. scarred pores (pics Included)

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    @luvskincare13 I would advise you to get the Melasma under control first. Some of this will deal with your issues. The laser channels will facilitate putting hydroquinone or other substances into the epidermis upper dermis and deal with this. Weather fraxel or clear and brilliant, etc... Goto a doctor who specializes in Melasma. You might want to consult since you are in Socal 3 doctors and see their opinions. Treatment can also trigger the Melasma so ongoing care has to be thought of when doing other procedures. Nothing is going to give you glass smooth skin, but your not expecting that, good. TCA peels could help with the Melasma and the texture, .. but I don't believe just one will be enough. RF needling can act like Fraxel to put actives into the dermis for Melasma and shrink the pores "a - bit" the same with using fraxel. 
  27. @mjg713 Aquaphor is fine. Do that for a month or a little after, ... you start Silicone on ongoing scars after that. 

    Any brand of silicone scar liquid will work. 
  28. TCA for box, if pick and rolling scars

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    Needling aka miconeedling can give some improvement if teamed with acid peels at home (alternating - one treatment per month). Also using retin-a/tretinorin/differing cream nightly.

    But it's all about the type of scars treatment is tailored to. If you have indented scars with some fat loss you need subcision and or filler.

    How you start peels and microneedling is in the FAQ - top post of the acne scar sub, find the acid peel mega post, ... instructions are in there. 

    I think for someone who has minimal money, and time, Derminator at home, acid peels, and some subcisions once per year are not that much money and a good basis. Latter down the line if you need more you can do filler, lasers, rf needling, etc...


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