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Copper peptide from ebay by ActiveFormulas 2mL ruin my dented acne scars!
on 20/02/2016
I bought it from ebay for £8 and diluted it in 120mL of pure hyaluronic acid (from Amazon £19 if I am not mistaken) so that makes it 0.1% Copper peptide. I used it for the first time on my face during microneedling procedure (my second time treatment) to lubricate my skin. I noticed the difference from my first treatment (using Pure hyaluronic acid as lubricant). I found that using 0.1% copper-peptide-HA makes my acne scars more visible (the dented scars!)<br/>My first microneedling treatment gave alot of improvement at least my scars were not noticeable in a bright light room but now after copper peptide application, my dented scars are more visible. So, after a week and my scars still visible, I throw my copper-peptide-HA mixture in a toilet bowl (Such a waste! especially the 120mL HA). All those ads saying it improves scars are fake! I am not sure if it takes some downtime or whatsoever, but I know that copper at 0.1% destroy collagen and induce the collagen remodelling. So maybe my scars now undergo collagen breakdown? then later on proceed to collagen induction phase? But, now I need to avoid that risky process, I rather stick to my first microneedling prcedure:<br/>Numb cream > Clean it> Hyaluronic acid gel> microneedling 2.0-2.5mm> leave overnight > T3 face wash (body shop)> human EGF serum> Vitamin C cream (body shop). And of course SPF30 sunscreen.<br/>Btw, I am using an automated microneedling not the roller one. It was £56 on Amazon uk. It at least improved my dark scars after I mistreated my face with 50% TCA! now those purplish-dark scars are gone and getting a little bit fade red. But for me red is fine rather than dark purple.<br/>dont get me wrong, this review is nothing to do with the CP product by CLEAR SKINCARE. this review is for Copper peptide by ACTIVE FORMULAS on ebay.