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on 29/01/2011
What can I say - Jojoba is the stuff! I used jojoba for about a year and my skin was completely acne free.<br/>About 4 weeks ago I stopped using jojoba. I stopped because I finally realized my skin was chronically dehydrated. I tried a bunch of moisturizers but every day bumps appeared on my skin. My skin kept getting worse and I ended up with a few very big bumps and about 50 small ones. I tried many things - retinoids, bp, azelaic - nothing helped. I'm pulling my hair out wondering what I did to have my skin go bad so quickly? And then I remembered - I stopped using jojoba! Back on it now and in a very short time my skin is looking so much better!<br/>Make no mistake - jojoba is NOT a moisturizer. If it's the only thing you use on your skin, your skin will dehydrate after a few days. A moisturizer is something that puts water into the skin (see humectant on wikipedia). Of course jojoba - which is a wax - contains no water and will not allow water to get to your skin.<br/>I recommend you moisturize your skin every day or two for a few hours with something else. I'm still looking for something to do that effectively.<br/>As for whether it stops oil coming out of your skin - I doubt it. In any case how can you tell the difference between jojoba and your skin's natural oil? My skin gets more oily no matter what product is on it.<br/>Dan's jojoba is very good a seriously cheap. 8oz for $15 and the bottle will last 6+ months!