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I'm in love with this product
on 03/01/2016
For a while I've been meaning to write a review for the Clarisonic. About two years ago my sister got the Mia 2 for her birthday, she has horrible issues with acne. It seemed to be working for her and I really wanted to try it out. So she let me borrow it; I bought my own Clarisonic brush, the "delicate skin one" becuase my skin is very thin and pale and I was worried it might leave reddness on my face. I loved it! I was using it more than she was. I will say, I wasn't really using the second speed on the brush, I didn't really see a reason for it, and it was too vicous for my skin. Eventually, my mom got on board with the whole idea, and was able to find a Claisonic on sale. She got one for me and one for her, the Mia 1 just the one speed model. I'm loving it, and I've found the gentler speed on the original allows me to use different brush heads, the Mia 2 was just too powerful for me I guess. This may not be what one might call a "miracle product" becuase you won't see changes overnight, but over a two week period, I've noticed less blackheads and keratin deposits on my nose. My skin has also become a lot softer and even. Yes, this product is pretty pricey but if your a money saving guru like my mom you might be able to find it for a reasonable price. She got ours on black friday for $50 dollars a piece at an outlet mall. Which is an insanely good deal! I think when she got my sister's it was only $85. If you're on a budget look out for those price drops, cause you can get lucky. All in all, I highly suggest this product, it's worked well for me and my family, it may be pricey but, it's worth it.