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  2. I have been using BP as a part of my daily skin routine for the past 6 months. Last week I did a laser treatment so I stopped with BP a week prior to the treatment and it has now gone a week since the treatment. I am wondering how careful I need to be when applying BP and AHA? Prior to the treatment I always applied a generous amount morning and night so my skin has been very well adapted to BP. 


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    I just discovered this thread. It sucks that you don't seem to find a consistent solution for your skin.

    I have battled with acne for years and I have tried so many treatments including supplements, diets, working out/not working out but this is by far what helped me the most. Not only does this diet improve your skin but it also helps you lose weight if that is something you are struggling with. It seems like you, alike myself, have tried a lot of different treatments but here is something I am doing:

    I am not sure if it is a coincidence or if it is actually working. I completely eliminated carbohydrates from my diet which means I solely eat protein, fat and vegetables. I used to get breakouts on weekly basis but since I started this diet about 5 months ago - NOTHING. I was really against stuffing myself full with all the fat because I thought it would cause me to breakout but it really has profoundly improved my skin. I also drink a lot of water every day and green tea. I guess any tea is fine as long as it contains a lot of antioxidants but green tea is my cup of tea. ;)

    Another thing that might be worth adding is that speaking from my own experience I have also noticed how big of a role psychology has in my skin. Days when I am sitting at home, bored, I will worry about my skin and spend a lot of time scrutinizing my face for new breakouts. This compared to when I, for instance, am on vacation and I am active all day and I don't have time to spend all this time in front of the mirror I will see visible results in just a week.

    How is your skin this week?


  5. Speaking from my own experience I wouldnt use lemon juice. It worked decent for me but eventually my skin got irritated from it. 

    I would look into this product from acne.org:

    Good luck!

  6. I used sea salt water before. It would leave the face looking matt and I also felt like it helped drying out pimples and prevent them. It is very important that you use SEA SALT and not any table salt. Just mix it in a clean bottle and dab it on with some makeup pads. 

    Can read more about it here:

  7. Hey friends,
    For the past year at least I have been using my moisturizer daily and applying it as shown by Dan himself although I am not using the acne.org moisturizer. A few weeks ago I made a huge discovery for myself. I was running short on time and my face wasn't completely dry so I started applying my moisturizer when my face was still moist and I have done it ever since then. I have noticed that applying it while the face is still moist will decrease the irritation because of less friction on the skin. Even though, when applying it on dry skin, I was applying it very carefully and barely touching my skin for minimum irritation but this method has minimized the irritation to a new level. 

    This has really worked well for me and it is a time saver in the morning. 

    What are your thoughts? Ever tried it yourself? What works best for you?


  8. 36 minutes ago, Ludadubz said:

    How many cups of green tea to you drink in a day? Also, is the green tea with or without caffeine?

    I usually drink 2-3 cups a day, sometimes more, it all depends on how much time I am spending at home. I am drinking tea with caffeine. I have noticed no difference between caffeine free tea and tea with caffeine. Rooibos tea is a tea option that is naturally caffeine free and high in antioxidants!
  9. Hello fellow acne sufferers,

    Firstly I would like ot apologize in advance if you find the text a bit inconsequential. I just wanted to share some diet changes that I have made that have significally improved my skin condition. I hope that this can inspire and help other people.


    I have been fighting acne back and forth over the last few years and I have tried almost every diet there is without any major improvements; vegan, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no carbs, only meat and most recently keto which is what I wanted to talk about today.

    About keto:

    For those who are not familiar with the keto diet it is basically that you exclude carbs from your diet (20 net carbs tops) so your caloric intake will be from 70(fat)/20(protein)/10(carbs). This diet is said to help with  weight loss, improved brain function and most importantly for me - my skin. 

    You may ask yourself where is the source of energy? The source of energy is in you, or more specifically your fat. When you do not consume enough carbs the body will start taking energy from the fat you have stored on your body. 

    3 months on keto and green tea:

    Ever since I decided to start with a ketogenic diet my weekly outbreaks magically disappeared. I used to get 1-2 per week and the week I started keto - nothing and not one since. It is now over 3 months ago since I started doing keto. Also worth mentioning that the keto recipes usually contains a lot of cheese which I am still sensitive to and do not feel ready to experiment with yet so I am, for now, avoiding it. The same week that I started keto I also started drinking green tea every day so I can not say for a fact how much the other did alone for my skin but together they have profoundly improved my skin and I am forever thankful for trying this diet.

    If you feel brave enough you can try this diet alone or even just add a few cups of green tea to your existing diet or combine both.

    Happy easter!



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