1. More Than a Month
  2. Don't do this ever! It is the most common mistake. I strongly advice you to not do it because it will only worsen the inflammation and cause the acne to spread. If you are ever going to pop a pimple I suggest doing it when the white is very visible or when it has almost fallen out and you can just "scrape" it off with your nail. Of course I will sanitize my hands before doing any of this.

  3. Hi,
    So I have been struggling with this rather moderate acne for some time now and I am fed up with it. Lets say I have an unlimited budget to extinct the current 2-3 pimples I have and fade those marks, is there a way to fade marks with an unlimited budget?


  4. Hey fellow acne sufferers,
    Just a thought that came across my mind if it would be possible to use only the moisturizer + AHA every day without the BP and still have the exfoliating resuluts? Did anyone ever try this?




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