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  1. Remember to wear a moisturizer with sunscreen! Helps a lot over time
  2. Why are my marks not fading?

    AHA might be helpful for this purpose! has its own. I haven't tried it myself but I heard a lot about it!
  3. 16 male, what am i doing wrong?
  4. 16 male, what am i doing wrong?

    What about your diet? Level of stress in your everyday life? How much do you sleep? I would suggest you to use BP morning and night for better effect

    I tried this before for some time and it worked surprisingly well! It helped to dry out pimples and made my face look math. I dabbed it on my face with a cotton makeup remover pad. I used sea salt for this and not ordinary table salt. However if you have severe acne I would recommend you to seek for alternative treatment! Good luck!
  6. Moisturiser burnt skin

    What product did you buy? If you bought a product from some fancy brand they might contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients that will do more harm than good to your skin. If you did, I would recommend you to go to your pharmacy and buy a moisturizer there because they usually have products without all these ingredients that can cause irritation. What honey&ginseng wrote sometimes it will just take time for your skin to get used to the product and it will calm down by itself.
  7. I know you wrote that they do not itch but do you ever itch scratch them or do anything that possibly could irritate? That can be the source. If you do, I would advice you not to do it anymore. I had something similar that suddenly appeared over night and they all disappeared as fast as they had appeared when I leaved them alone.
  8. Acne Breakout

    Using solely the cleanser will probably give some results but for the full effect I would go with all three.
  9. Omg! I could never do this! Keep us updated
  10. Cleanser?

    La Roche Posay Effaclar has always been a faithful cleanser for me
  11. Addicted to picking and popping

    This my sound harsh but what I do is that if I have any marks I will just look at them. This will strongly discourage me from popping them. If I really can't resist the urge to pick and if they are white I will try to scrape it off with my nail preferebly just after I have washed my face.
  12. Acne Breakout

    I am not sure if the regimen is restricted to an age if not I would strongly advise you to try it. You're young so I am assuming you have not researched that much about acne and what can cause it. Food can play a big role in the cause of acne so I would recommend you to try and avoid gluten and diary. A lot of people get results by excluding this from their diet. Good luck!
  13. Cystic acne on vegan diet

    Did you try the regimen? I am currently 1 month in and it does wonders to your skin if you follow the steps closely and vigilantly. Your diet seems fun! Good job on excluding dairy, bread and soy from your diet. They can all be sources of acne your acne. As onemanwarrior34 said adding some vitamin and omega 3 supplements might be a good idea. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin E and C are three vitamins supplements that are common to take to fight acne. As an acne sufferer there is one thing that I have noticed and it is that psychology plays a big part in your skin. Periods when I try to ignore my skin condition and just live my life to a certain extent I have noticed that my skin will be significally improved in just a week or two. Another factor that is proven to cause acne is stress so try to not stress too much about it. I know it's hard but it will give results. Good luck and happy birthday!
  14. Yes, so am I. Unfortunately I do not have the Jojoba Oil that I can add to the moisturizer and I do not live in the states so an order solely for the Jojoba Oil would be expensive. I would have to add it to my next order since I am very happy with the results with the regimen so far. But until then I don't feel like the moisturizer does the job. I am asking for your opinion on temporarily replacing the moisturizer for a different moisturizer that I have that I find do the job better during the winter time. Would that be okay to do? Is the moisturizer only job to moisturize or does it contain some ingredient that will like, when combined, boost the effect of the BP? I hope you understand what I mean! Thanks for your respond!
  15. Correlation between acne and gym

    Thanks a lot for your thorough respond. It's on my face and to fight the acne I get I use the e regimen which works okay for me so I will stick with that. I am very well aware of to not let ANYTHING touch my face except when I clean my face in the hower and apply BP and moisturizer. I might just have to get a professionals opinion on this.
  16. Correlation between acne and gym

    No mound. Not sacrificing sleep, usually getting 8 hours +/-1h of quality sleep. And I have not spoken to anyone yet. i dont know if there is much they can do as Im following the regimen and doing everything i can to prevent breakouts... Maybe I just have to choose gym or clear skin...
  17. Hello! I have a question about the regimen: does one product in the regimen complete the other? What I mean is if I replace one product with a product not from will it slow down the results because they all work together like a holy triangle? I have been using the regimen for some time now and I am so far pleased with the results and I hope I can continue to see these results in the same pace. I live in a country where it is cold right now which makes my skin really really dry and the moisturizer just doesnt do the job even though I apply a very generous amount. No matter how much I apply in the morning my skin will be flaky and feel like desert ground in the afternoon. I am thinking about replacing it for another moisturizer that I have which moisturizes my skin better but before I do so I wanted to consult with you guys. Has anyone tried it before? Is there some ingredient in the moisturizer that is like boosting the results or is its only job to moisturize? Thanks in advance
  18. Greetings, I wanted to make a topic about gym and acne. I am now 20 years old and have been fighting acne back and forth for the past 4 years. Throughout these years I have both been working out at the gym and not working out at all. My gym periods and pauses are usually around 6 months to a year which is enough time to notice any difference in the skin. I have noticed that during the periods when I workout I get way more acne than when I dont. I have been completely clear during the periods when I didn't workout. I am well aware of that it is important to not let the sweat dry in your skin so I always shower and wash my face after a session. I always workout in the evening so I wont have to shower a third time which can cause unwanted dryness to the skin. Worth mentioning is that I do not take any supplements such as testosterone boosters or protein shakes that may have impact on my skin. Working out is very important to me and I dont want to have to choose between gym and acne but lately the idea of taking a break seems more and more appealing to me... Have you guys experienced any correlation between acne and gym? What did you do? Will I just have to choose between acne and muscles? Yours truly
  19. Cheek and jawline are by far the worst if you ask me since they take forever to fade if they even do... Upside is that they dont hurt like the ones around the nose do. I am honestly not too worried about one around the nose since I know it will fade within a 2-3 days.