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  1. Anyone else have oily skin all the time? My face, neck and back are always oily. By the night time my face looks shiny because of the oil. I have in the past literally wiped it from my face. Heaven forbid I rub my eyes when my face is oily. That hurts like hell!

    Anyone else have this problem?

  2. I posted on here back in December when I had real bad back acne. I went to the doctor who gave me some cream that didn't do much.

    The back acne was bad. Lots of lumps that were itchy and painful. Almost boils. I think the term is "cystic acne". I had about 30 different spots, probably more. Angry ones.

    Around April/May time I had a dental infection and was on antibiotics. Like magic my back acne went away. But, fast forward to this week and it's coming back. I can feel the lumps forming. Very itchy. If I scratch them they grow bigger. Even rubbing them with cream causes them to inflame.

    At the moment I can feel about 3. But I still have a lot of red marks for the previous acne. I know it's coming back because I didn't have any new ones appear for weks.

    Antibiotics worked, but now I've stopped them the back acne is returning.

    Had acne all my life. I'm 32. The back acne went away on its own year ago but seems to have reared it's ugly head. This is so stressful, and depressing.

    Anyone else in my boat?

  3. Most of the red marks are old. I have my partner wash my back daily and she comments that most of the red marks are just scars. But I think you're right about cystic acne. This is doing my head in now :( I've had this all my life and it's frustrating. My back and shoulders are full of scars. I'd love to know why I'm prone to getting this acne.

    How are you getting on with your treatment? Is it working?

  4. @SimpleMutton Thanks for the reply :)

    It's been a while since I posted. I don't each much sugar ... but I notice if I have a chocolate bar, and sugar in my tea, the next day a breakout is certain. I also notice when I exercise I get a breakout.

    Here's where I'm at at the moment. Not sure if it's improvement or got worse.


    What has helped me a little is not picking or scratching. If I pick/scratch it gets worse so I avoid doing that. Sometimes I forget. I have the odd few appear, but I hope I'm getting a handle on this.

    How long does it take for the red/brown marks to go away?

  5. Thanks @Arizona89 and @cloudydreamer ... I've now cut out the majority of sugar. It's early days though. I feel like it's getting better. My skin has naturally always been very oily. I could wash my face in the morning, and by 1pm it's shiny and oily. Same with my back. Only time will tell, but I'm not breaking out with many new "pimples". I dare call them acne, they're more like volcanos ha ha.


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  6. How long does it take for back acne to clear up?

    At the moment I am washing daily with a back scrub. I use 6% diluted hydrogen peroxide, and yesterday started using Acnomel. It's for face acne but I thought I'd try it on the angry spots on my back. My girlfriend said they're clearing up, but I still get the a couple of angry ones appear. These are itchy, and if I pick at them they will grow huge. I leave them alone now and try not to itch them.

    As a result of the acne I have red and purple scar type marks left by older spots. There's a fair few of them. I'm working on changing my diet to cut out sugar. Sugar causes breakouts for me. I've also quit drinking alcohol (I was drinking 4-6 cans of beer a night).

    So long as my treatment continues to work, how long will it take for it to clear up? Are we talking weeks or months? I've seen some threads that say up to 6 months. 

    Here's my before taken on the 15th of December. And the other was taken moments ago. The angry spots are the red ones and they get irritated when sitting down, or lying in bed.


  7. I'm male with bad back acne at the moment. I've had it since I was 12, I'm now 32. Any girl I've been with doesn't care.

    My girlfriend has eczema. Sometimes it's very bad and she ends up with scabs and redness all over. Do I care? Nope. I love her and sex is amazing, I don't even think twice about it.

  8. On 12/25/2016 at 9:03 PM, Arizona89 said:

    My back acne looks identical to yours. The only thing that gives me improvement in my back acne is a change in diet. Topicals don't help me much because it is an internal problem. Cutting out sugar is a must first and foremost. Once I start eating more sugary stuff I notice Acne popping up on my back within a day or so. I also did a food allergy test and have high antibodies in my body against dairy, eggs, and gluten. Have you tried cutting dairy and gluten out of your diet?

    Hey, thanks for the post. I got a back scrubber and started bathing daily at night. That has improved things dramatically and a lot of the acne has gone. I still have about 50% of the acne though. During the Christmas period I started eating more junk food. Yesterday I noticed about 5 painful spots appear. I'm going to cut out sugar, continue to wash and moisturise and see if that helps. I compared an image of my back today, compared to the one above and there is noticeable improvement.

    The angry red one on the right I was trying to pick just before this photo (I know I need to stop, but they annoy me because they itch)


  9. Hey dude,

    I've had acne this bad in the past. I found antibiotics helped but it took a long time to go away. When I stop the antibiotics it comes back again, but thankfully it hasn't returned as bad. I still consider my current situation bad.

    Out of interest do you also have facial acne or is it just on the body? Also what about the neck and jaw line?

    I notice a lot of scabbing, do you pick also? I'm not sure if what you have is cystic acne, but picking them can make them spread. I'm a sucker for picking and have to cut my nails every other day to ensure I can not pick.

  10. For the past couple of months I've noticed I've had an outbreak of back acne. I've had acne all my life. I'm mature in age now and was plagued by facial and back acne in my teens and adulthood. Multiple times I've had tablets to get rid of them, and it works. But if I stop taking them it comes back again.

    I do pick, and I know I shouldn't, but they annoy me!

    My skin has always been oily. Especially on my back and face. For my face I use Clinique face soap and that works wonders. My face is clear. I get the odd one under my jaw or on my neck. If I touch my face now it's very oily.

    I don't understand how or why this happens but it just beginning to pee me off. I thought by the time I reach my early 30's it would go away. It hasn't.

    Without medications what can I do about this? I'm currently trying a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and moisturising afterwards. I've only started this today though and I will be monitoring the outcome over the next week.

    Here's a pic. To me that looks very bad:


    Thanks for any advice

  11. Hye guys, wondering if anyone can offer some advice here.

    In July I felt a small lump on the side of my neck. A swollen lymph node. Me being paranoid I ran the doctors and he had a feel. He said "nothing to worry about stop poking it".

    At the time I was waiting for my CT scan and chest xray. I have had testicle cancer, but I am all clear of that and I get regular checkups. I've been all clear for 3 years. The scans and bloods I had recently (after I noticed the lump) showed nothing. All good.

    The node returned to normal.

    I suffer with acne, have done all my life. I'm 31 and still have outbreaks. I had 2 large painful pimples appear about 4cm from this node. The pimples are next to each other, are large, and contain a lot of fluid. I've had these many times. But, I pick them. I squeeze them all the time to try and get the "gunk" out. They are now painful, still large, but going down as I was able to drain some of the fluid out.

    Last night I randomly felt this node and it was swallen. I can feel it instantly as soon as I put my hand on the side of my neck. It's no larger than it was in July, but it does my head in! I'm a worrier so I sit there checking google all day.

    I'm not really concerned it being Cancer, although it does put the fear in the back of my mind, I'm more concerned about whether these acne pimples can cause the lymph node enlargment? Worst thing is, I wont leave the node alone so it's never going to go down (note to self: STOP PRODDING!)

    Any advice?