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  1. Hey all, Some success over here. Since December and some of this year I've been having back acne issues. Nothing worked. I was given dental antibiotics for a tooth infection that surprisingly cleared up a lot of my back acne. It hasn't really returned since. I get the odd 1 or 2 every now and then that itch but the important thing is I do not pick them or touch them. I let them itch. I haven't really changed much else to be honest. It was a stressful period when I posted my first pick on this forum. My Dad was battling terminal Cancer. He lost the battle in January. Stress may have also played a big part. But, I'm an adult (32) and I'm still confused why I still get back ance and facial acne. It doesn't improve. My diet isn't bad, I exercise a lot. Lost a bit of weight. Still doesn't stop acne returning. Anyway Before After (Note that the red marks present at the moment are mostly scars. I have about 3 active spots on my back at the moment) I didn't know it takes so long for the scars to go, but I'm happy non the less. Another year and I think my back will be mostly clear from scars and acne. The bottom photo is flipped if you notice you can still see the large scar (top middle on first photo). That's nearly 12 months and its still visible. Damn you acne!