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  2. @okmichelle if I do continue at-home needling, I will try to be more consistent. I have to psych myself up to do it because it hurts. :smileys_n_people_9: Probably why I don't have any long-term improvement, as I've done it only a handful of times...expecting a miracle I guess. Stopping the constant mirror-checking and selfie-taking would probably help too. I'm going to try that. :) It could definitely be a lot worse! Thank you for the kind words and support!

    @ScarRight Travel does sound nice. All of these skin treatments are ridiculosuly expensive. Thanks for the compliment and for giving me something else to think about spending money on! (:

    @arug Thank you :smileys_n_people_26:. I think I'm starting to believe everyone...that they aren't that bad. I really appreciate everyone's honest opinion of my skin. It's surprising to hear after all of my negative self-talk and dwelling on it, but it's really made me feel better. :symbols_v1_0:
  3. @grandor Thank you. I probably do need to see a therapist. I have always been preoccupied and unhappy with my appearance, even before the acne and scars. I went to a counselor once about other emotional issues and didn't feel like it helped, but maybe I just didn't have the right therapist.

    @okmichelle I didn't have much long-term improvement with the microneedling. I think it just temporarily looks better due to microswelling. But that's better than nothing...it just hurts and I'm a wimp! Thank you, everyone has said my skin doesn't look bad so it must be mostly in my head..which also does not seem very fixable. -_-
  4. On 10/29/2018 at 8:58 AM, grandor said:
    @foxygoddess To answer your earlier question - yeah, dermastamp is just microneedling, but DIY with a manual instrument. Although for you, I would say a large component is psychological. 

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but coming from a cis heterosexual guy, I think you're super cute and would definitely ask for your number :) if I met you in person. What I'm trying to say is that your problems are not physical -- consider finding some hobbies to distract you or take up therapy to get your mind off your minor blemishes. We all have them, nobody is perfect.

    I know a lot of it is in my head. I am a perfectionist and probably have some form of BDD...but really I am most upset at those couple scars on the left side that are very obvious, even in good lighting. The rest aren’t that bad. Is there any chance dermastamping/microneedling could make things worse? If nothing else the temporary microswelling improves them a bit. I’d like to try subcision, but I can’t travel now. :/ 

    Thank you for the compliment. It makes me feel better to know that a stranger thinks it’s a minor blemish. :) 
  5. Perfect to live ?

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    Lookforhope, if you ever find the secret to not obsessing over flaws, please let me know. :) It would be so nice to just live and not feel like everyone is disgusted by our flaws, whatever they may be. What is confidence, anyway? What is self-esteem? Why do we care what others may think? Why do we care what we look like? At the end of the day, what does it all matter? I ask myself these questions a lot, and yet I still seem to care way too much...

  6. 9 hours ago, Rubenmasilva said:

    I think not, if your problem is look in the mirror. Make up uniforms the skin but still have depression in mirror. The pictures you got in the mirror doesn t look bad, your skin is really healthy

    But when the depression is because of my perception of my skin, one would hope at least being able to mask it would make me feel better? It’s much worse in bad lighting..CC89A823-AFC5-4754-ABBC-CA7E138ABD44.thumb.jpeg.5f65384413265caa43a00e4cd863c079.jpeg82752A36-8BDE-4F42-87B7-B2FCBF7C9BFF.thumb.jpeg.3297affaa3fc50d4aaa3fa07659ba603.jpeg
    7 hours ago, arug said:

    I have a product called NYX pore filler. It's pretty cheap. It will fill pores but not boxcars.

    Is there anything that can fill more than pores? Besides dermaflage? It seems really ridiculous that we don’t even have good makeup options when Hollywood has all they need to create horrible scars and wounds from silicone and latex.. -_-
  7. I'm also wondering if there is a makeup/primer that can "fill in" scars? Dermaflage seems to get very mixed reviews, and it's expensive. Has anyone found anything better?

  8. 1 hour ago, floridagirl1991 said:

    Thank you for the advice. I have seen many plastic surgeons. I'm not afraid to get filler , I'll just never have the money for it and it wouldn't help. I would need like 4 syringes at least. I have so much volume loss from laser. And to be honest I don't think I'll ever heal emotionally. We've been together for so long , too long for me to just get over.

    floridagirl1991, I really hope you reach out to a therapist or join depressionforums.org. Just talking to people helps. I like those forums because you can connect with people anonymously without even leaving your house. I know you feel like life isn't worth living, but please make an effort to address your mental/emotional health right away...depression screws up your thinking. Once you get your head in a better place, it will make coping with the acne scars easier. I know this because when my depression is bad, my scars look 1000x worse to me. :(

    As for the filler, what about saving up for Bellafill? That's supposed to be permanent...which would only be a good thing if it was done right, of course. What laser did you have done? Are lasers known for causing volume loss? Why would they promote them if they cause that?!

    45 minutes ago, Rubenmasilva said:

    Foxy I do think you shouldn t do any much agressive treatments. I am a man and I dont like ugly things on women s faces, what I am saying is that you look good and you.are beautiful, yours scars dont really matter.

    Thank you. It's just hard when it's all I see in the mirror. :( 
  9. 7 hours ago, floridagirl1991 said:

    I don't have before and after pictures..my cellphone doesn't capture how bad my skin looks in person..it blurs out my scars...my whole face is covered. I have did subcision , laser , tca peel , micro needling , dermastamping, dermarolling and excision. Believe me when I say none of them worked and every single one of them made things worse. I don't even look like myself anymore. If you have minor scars or any scars my best honest advice is to just leave them alone. Making things worse is so easy to do. I wish I would have known, I would have never started stupid ass scar treatments now my face is really ruined for the rest of my life. & to to top it off like I said my husband of 10 years is cheating on me with a beautiful woman with no scars on her face. I really want to die. My life is fucking horrible. I did nothing to deserve this shit. The scars...the cheating...I am so over everything. I'm sorry I'm just venting , but I don't really have anyone to talk to these days. I come to this forum hoping to find true love ( a man that has acne scars and that will never cheat on me and that understands my pain of having scars) . People without scars have no idea what it's like to feel disfigured, I don't even feel like a normal person , hell I know I'm not. My scars have damaged me to the point I'm afraid to meet another guy unless he has scars too. I'm afraid of online dating, social interactions. Everything. I used to be one of the funnest people I knew. Now I don' even leave my house unless I have to. My life is in shambles. My husband said my depression is like a cancer and it spreads to him and he hates it and he can't stand to be around me.Please don't think I sit around and feel sorry for myself ,because I don't I am just so damn tired of being strong. My life has been nothing but bad since age 12 , when I started getting acne my whole life changed for the worse. Then I fell in love , now being cheated on , covered in scars. Nothing is going to get better for me , I started scar treatments in 2011 , I wish I never did. My life is horrible. My death will be peaceful, although there will be so many things I miss about this life. I was not gifted with perfect skin , a pretty face , or a faithful husband. 

    Have you tried therapy or meds for your depression? I know you probably don’t want advice, but I’d first get rid of the cheating husband and then focus on healing mentally/emotionally. If you did subcision without fillers, maybe that is why you didn’t see improvement? Have you seen plastic surgeons? Maybe try filler...I don’t think that could make it worse? 
  10. 5 hours ago, cookingENG said:

    can you pm me before and after? i had similar issue with laser which ruined my texture and gave me many box scar like pores...was it laser that damaged your skin?

    now im taking manual route but very nervous

    op if you treat i would just test patch on jawline with subscision, do not do full face

    Did subscision make things worse? What manual treatments are you going to do?
    5 hours ago, cookingENG said:

    can you pm me before and after? i had similar issue with laser which ruined my texture and gave me many box scar like pores...was it laser that damaged your skin?

    now im taking manual route but very nervous

    op if you treat i would just test patch on jawline with subscision, do not do full face

    I’d also like to see what happened, if you don’t mind PMing the before/after. I’m sorry this happened to you. It is making me think twice about treatment. :( 
    10 hours ago, grandor said:

    IMO, don't do anything to your skin. Your scars are minor, and you're a good looking woman - nobody will notice. Too much risk of messing things up further for very little gain.

    If it's really messing with you psychologically, then maybe consider dermastamping at home slowly, and see if that helps.

    Thank you. I’ve tried microneedling, isn’t that the same thing? It really is messing with me psychologically. :( 
  11. On 10/21/2018 at 9:46 PM, beautifulambition said:

    Since you don't want to travel, ... it's best to see what your Plastic Surgeon recommends for your scars and what laser brands he has. 

    I do think erbium would work on the texture of some of your scars. Perhaps it's best if you don't do the TCA then as there is the possibility to make things worse DIY, and recovery time. 

    Dr Rullan could help you in San Deigo, fly in treat, and fly home.

    Softer fillers often do not last as long, some of the new Juvederm products you could get possibly 12 months (depending on how you assimilate the filler - it's individual). Vollbela is pretty good but there are other new products that could work as well by Juvederm (depends what your plastic is comfortable using). 

    RF needling is pretty common, check the nearby med spa's maybe they have it look for Infini, Intracel, Intensif, Vivance, etc...  

    Angled - CO2 ...Basically is a method Lim developed but there are a few other practitioner's using it for Box cars / chicken pox scars. No it's fractional and fractions of the scar wall are treated so that the skin regenerates itself and the wall is broken down (so yes your smoothing out the transition of the skin). This also can be done with a erbium laser. 

    We are limited by your travel distance and plastic surgeon (What he performs). Perhaps it's better to see what he recommends and offers and I can best respond. 

    The right injection of filler, some mini sub, and some laser could do wonders.

    You could also post this on RealSelf.com Under Acne Scars and see if Lim responds, if no one else responds in a few days.

    @Obi wan Recommendations? 


    I have a aesthetic medicine clinic in my town that offers IPL and ResurFx non-ablative lasers, as well as the Juvederm line of fillers. Would either of those lasers benefit me? The plastic recommended I finish my PicoSure with CO2, but I'm not sure I want to try that laser. I asked him what else he could do and he just said keep hitting the scars with Picosure...he doesn't do subscision or try to fill scars with filler. Which of the newer Juvederm products would you recommend? There are so many, it's confusing. I could ask my medspa if they'd inject it into the scars, but I don't know if they would or if that would be a bad idea if they are not trained in the technique.

    If I was looking for someone who could do the subscision, who would be closest to me that you would recommend? Is the nearest one in San Diego? I don't even have an airport in my town, so I'd have to travel to the airport. I'm willing to travel, it would just get really expensive for multiple trips so I'd like to minimize/avoid if possible. I might try posting under RealSelf too. Who is Lim?
    On 10/22/2018 at 12:28 PM, floridagirl1991 said:

    Please don't do anything to your skin. I know you have scars , but they're not bad . I have seen so many worse cases on this board. Don't be like me. I stared off with a little bit of scars like you and now from laser and other treatments , my scars are severe! Serious. I know they bug you or you wouldn't have posted , but please take my advice just don't do any treatment. The only treatment I would even consider is fillers. I have never done fillers yet , but I might one day. I have did laser ,subcision , needling , excision. Remember I started off with skin like yours, if you could see it now , you would cry for me. I started treating my scars in 2011 , I wish I would have never fucking started.

    I'm so sorry about your experience. :( What treatment seemed to make it worse? Has anyone had any advice for you on this forum?
  12. Hi! I thought you might want to check out this post that I just stumbled upon on Reddit. She posted an update a few days ago.


  13. BA, thank you very much for the detailed analysis and recommendations. I have wanted to try subscision, but  I don't have any docs near me that do it. I would probably have to travel quite a distance to find someone experienced. I'm in southern Oregon and we don't even have a derm in my town anymore, I had to go 70 miles for my three Picosure sessions with a plastic surgeon. Ugh!

    What is the longest lasting "soft" filler? I really don't want to have the expense (or needles in my face) every 6 months to maintain the improvement. Do you need less over time with the more subscisions you have? What determines how many subscisions you need? Do my scars look tethered, or does "surface" mean not tethered?

    I have tried the TCA peel on myself just one time...I don't think I was doing it right because I didn't keep it on the floor of the scars. I might try it again, but I'm not sure what to use to make sure it doesn't get on the borders. The acid I have is 30%. When you say paint three layers, do you mean all at once? Or let the first layer dry, then paint the next? How long do you leave it on? I'm not a big fan of peels because of the healing stage and itchy flaky brown skin. I can't mask it with makeup so I have to take time off work to hide. :(

    I haven't heard of rf microneedling, but I'm sure it's probably something I'd have to travel for. Same for CO2. When you say angled just to the borders of the scars, is that so it can burn the skin down to match the floor of the scar?

    Would you say the erbium laser resurfacing would be better for smoothing the texture than the peel?

    okmichelle, I'm sorry you are suffering with scarring as well. I know how you feel! When I see my reflection in the car window I just feel hideous. It's hard not to think about it or feel like everyone is staring at it. It looks like my face was hit with shrapnel. :( It does seem like filler would be an easy solution, and it's disappointing that there isn't a quick fix. I was only thinking of trying Radiesse because it is so long-lasting, but if it's not good for surface scars then I will check into the HA fillers.

    I have my own electric microneedler pen and I don't feel like it has helped much. If the TCA helped you though, I may try it again. I'm kind of a DIY-er mainly because I don't have easy access to derms in my area. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I will definitely have to go easy.

    Thank you for the compliment. :) It's sad that things like this are so confidence-crushing, and so difficult to treat. You'd think in this day and age they woud have figured out a miracle treatment like Accutane was for the acne! I will keep you posted on what I try next. :) What are you thinking of trying besides more TCA?

  14. More Than a Month
  15. I can't believe that I joined this forum 12 years ago and I just so happened to remember my username and password to log back in now. :smileys_n_people_24:

    Brief history: Dry skin with moderate/severe cystic acne since teen years, first course of Accutane at 19yo, second course of Accutane at 28yo. My skin is now mostly clear and kept under control with benzoyl peroxide and retinol creams.

    Current issue: SCARRING!

    The last few years I have noticed an increase in the visibility of old and new scars. I believe this is due to my skin starting to show signs of aging/lost collagen. It also scars way more easily if I pop a pimple. I have tried dermarolling, microneedling, and most recently Picosure Microarray Laser, which has been touted to help deep acne scars. I am not totally happy with the results of any of these treatments and I'm wondering if I should just try a filler. I don't have very many scars, it's just the ones I do have are quite obvious in certain lighting. I want to try filling them with Radiesse (supposed to last up to 2 years), but I'm worried about the donut effect.

    Please let me know if you think filler will help, or what other treatments I should try. I just want to be done thinking about these scars. :(

    Thank you.

    Before 3 rounds of Picosure Laser. I also had some melasma that it did seem to help more than the scarring.


    Now, 2 months post-Picosure. Melasma is better, but that's about it. :(


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