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    I had tried topical antibiotics and astringents initially but once going on oral antibiotics didn't have topicals as well. My son has topical adapalene along with his oral antibiotics but I'm fairly confident that the oral antibiotics are all that is necessary to clear up the skin and keep it under control for as long as you remain on them.
  3. Success stories?

    Forums General acne discussion 7 replies

    Hey Hopeful74, I used antibiotics as a teenager and unfortunately every time the antibiotics ran out my acne came back. When I went to college I eventually saw a derm and went on accutane. I had a tough time with blood noses while taking that but it cleared up my acne and I could finally put that chapter of life behind me. I now have a teenage son who is going through the acne struggle. He is the same with antibiotics...they work great while he is taking them but once he stops the acne comes back. We are just starting to consider that he may have to use accutane also to get his skin under control. Good luck with your journey! Kind regards, Jazzguy
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