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  1. Hey sandeebe, just wondering where you heard that you can't crush the accutane pills and swallow with a little food? I'm not sure how much truth there is in that assertion. I know some people who struggle with swallowing pills..you need to be relaxed to do it and people who struggle with pills are anything but just at the thought of it. There's not much to say other than what you've already tried I'd suppose. Try him with something really small for practice like a tic tac?
  2. Cursed

    Hey Jake, sorry you're feeling so low. Sometimes it seems like your family don't care but it's really that they just don't understand what you're going through. They love you but just don't know how to help. Please seek out one of the many organisations that do understand and offer practical support to help you through this difficult time. Many people here in the forums have been through what you're experiencing and it is important for you to make it through this and support others. Stay strong brother.
  3. Frustrating shit to deal with

    I think where you can see a pustule that's still a kind of pimple. Cysts are usually swellings below the skin surface that don't look like you could pop and squeeze them. Any kind of pimple/acne can be painful with the inflammation that's going on in your skin.
  4. Frustrating shit to deal with

    What I can see do look like pimples. If you have access to some OTC acne topical treatments I would give those a try.