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Pretty Effective
on 05/10/2015
Clears up acne pretty fast depending on the size but might dry out your face.
on 25/08/2015
I love this product! I have lots of acne and i want to cover it up with makeup that does not clog my pores. This is that product! I recommend every girl that has acne to get this brand of makeup and also its purifying facial cleanser to gently clean your face.
on 29/07/2015
I have been using this product for about one and a half years now and i have seen no improvement for my acne. However, it helps clear the skin although i recommend using a cleanser with this product so that you do not dry out your face. If you dry out your face your brain thinks it needs to produce more oil so use a moisturizer about once every day even if you have really oily skin. I use Cerave AM but that is kind of expensive but i'm sure other moisturizers would work with this product. Hope this helps:)
on 29/07/2015
I use this every morning before i put on makeup and it works great! I have acne and this product does not make me get anymore acne. I recommend this product for anybody who wants a facial moisturizer that works good if you put in on before makeup and does nto make you break out any more than usual.