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  1. Hormonal Cystic Acne Help!

  2. Hormonal Cystic Acne Help!

    i have had hormonal, cystic acne for years! Recently I have gotten my hormones tested and the results here in Canada were: high prolactin, low estrogen, lowish progesterone, low FSH, low LH, high cortisol and high DHEA with low free testosterone.. can anybody help me with this??? I am going to see a naturopathic doctor soon but unfortunately I don't have any insurance so it's very expensive.. just want to interpret this results if anyone has had anything fairly similar or any suggestions on what to do this acne is wreaking havoc on my life! Anything would be appreciated thank you!

    My estradiol levels are also less <40 pmol/L (I'm 21 by the way) so my estrogen levels shouldn't be this low until I'm post menopause.. range: follicular 77-921 mid cycle 139-2382 luteal 77-1145 post menopause <103
  4. When I was younger about 10 years ago I had the same acne every teenager gets, small little red pimples all over the face, but when I was about 18 I started to develop deep cystic acne and inflamed white heads. I normally get this acne around my jawline, chin and sometimes on the cheeks indicating that it is hormonal. Recently, I took blood work to test my hormones to see if they were out of balance. My estrogen, and general testosterone levels were fine but I found a problem regarding my prolactin levels. Here in Canada it states that levels should be between 5-25 ug/L and mine came back as 47.. could this be causing my acne? I don't get acne on my forehead, temples, upper cheeks, nose.. so I believe it is definitely hormonal. Has anyone else experienced high prolactin levels and acne?
  5. I've always had a skin care routine and always will have a skin care routine, acne or not. that's not what I'm worried about! I just don't want to have to rely on one product for the rest of my life on whether its clearing my acne or not. It's basically a bandaid.
  6. yeah I understand that, wanting to travel but without the hassle of skin care. Mine is basic though. Morning, wash, moisturiser then sunscreen. Night, wash, moisturiser then differin. Thats it. But there is the waiting 15-20 between moisturiser and differin but thats all. Accutane is an option ( a really risky one) but you will also need to still wash and definitely moisturise, and you may need to moisturise even more than twice a day depending on how dry you get while on accutane. So i reckon it is better and safer to be on differin because there is a chance that if you go on accutane you will need to go on it again if your acne comes back. Yes all I do right now is wash, tone moisturize. if I go on Differin though won't I basically need to go on it forever? it's like Bp in that sense that as soon as you stop using it your acne will come back again. That's the same issue I had with Bp. I used it for a year and a half and my skin was so red and dehydrated the ENTIRE time and then when I came off of it, I started breaking out in the little skin bumps again.
  7. yes my skin reacted badly to epiduo too but now my derm has me on differin and i can handle it well! My skin is super sensitive but this works. Just make sure to use a good moisturiser 15-20 mins before. Its defiantly worth asking a derm or your dr for a script. Its expensive but its worth it. Differin is just epiduo without the benzoyl peroxide. Hmm I will definitely look into it! Thanks for the tip My biggest issue is that I love to travel and I really want to go travelling for months at a time but I don't want to have to worry about being so extensive with my skin care and carrying around so much products thats why I've gotten to the point of no return where I want to just go on accutane and get it all over with. but I'm also scared that the acne could come back after accutane as well.
  8. I've tried epiduo before, my skin doesn't usually react well to benzoyl peroxide Never tried Differin though!
  9. I have had acne for over 10 years.. It may not be as severe as some people but it is constant and very very difficult to get rid of. I have tried every treatment you can think of including tons and tons of skin care products, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, multiple birth control (im on yaz right now my skin cleared for about a month then went back to how it was) Dans regimen, BP, african black soap, tons of vitamins and herbs including: zinc, vitamin a, vitamin d, saw palmetto, fish oil etc.. plus many more treatments. I get tons of little pimples and then large cystic pimples that hurt and take months to go away (I always have at least 1 or 2 on my face) as well as inflamed pustules and I always have hyper pigmentation and indentation scarring on my face at all times. This is taking a toll on me, I feel as though I have tried everything and there is nothing left for me except accutane. Does anyone have any suggestions based off of the pictures below? This is my skin when my most recent flare up has started to subside. Those red marks were all very inflamed and cystic spots.