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  1. AHA on Acne Scabs's AHA lotion seems to work really well for when I'd get cysts and scabby zits. Not sure why, but it would heal faster and be less likely to scar or not as darkly. I also recommend an antibacterial ointment like neosporin or I prefer colloidal silver ointments. Putting moisturizer on top of that can protect it too. Short answer - use both.
  2. Makeup remover

    Micellar water sounds pretty harmless, but I don't know what brand you're using and its exact ingredients. IMO thorough removal of makeup is pretty important, so I think it's a good idea to make sure you get it all off. "Double cleansing" is popular in korean beauty routines and it works well for me. Basically you use an oil cleanser to remove all makeup and then follow with a gentle, regular face wash. It doesn't break me out but some people are scared of all oils. Micellar water sounds like it has a little oil, but if you're using Dan's face wash after, then it's probably no biggie. I do not recommend rubbing with a cotton ball though. Try applying the remover all over, then rinsing it off and gently patting dry.
  3. I decided to try Clear and Brilliant because it's a relatively affordable laser with no downtime. I didn't have high expectations but was hoping for some improvement of my texture. I had a few very shallow pit marks on my cheeks and an orange peel / bumpy texture on my chin. My face was mostly clear but always with a few angry cysts. I had large, visible pores and skin overall looked kinda rough. I did a package of 6 sessions and chose the texture laser for all 6 (as opposed to the one for hyperpigmentation). I wish I had my before and after photos ... but I did see results. All of the scarring on my cheeks is gone. A raised scar on my nose that's been there nearly a decade was greatly reduced so it's almost flat. My pores looks much clearer and as a result, smaller. My overall skin texture is noticeably smoother and more even. I had some fine laugh lines starting at the sides of my mouth, and those are less obvious now. Even though I chose the texture laser, it did help my hyperpigmentation somewhat. My disappointment is my chin though. It still looks bumpy and rough, albeit there was some noticeable improvement. I think it simply needs something more intensive or I just have to accept it. They did tell me that the laser stimulates collagen and full results are often seen a few months after it's completed. I will say my skin seems to be getting better and better since the treatment. During the months of the treatment, I had breakouts like normal including cysts. Now that it's done, my face is much clearer, but I also tweaked my regimen (see my sig) and I attribute it to that. Bonus: it tightens the skin up, almost like you had Botox. I looked exceptionally fresh and youthful the week after each treatment. I cant say I recommend it, but I don't regret it either. It's much more than a facial or peel, but not a treatment for anything but the mildest of scarring.
  4. If you can hide out for a day to let it heal, do so. Put some antibacterial ointment like neosporin on it (or I personally like a colloidal silver wound ointment) and place a small circle bandaid over it to prevent bumping it and to help keep bacteria out. If you must go out, then a liquid banadage has worked for me. After it dries, I gently apply a little concealer. Be very careful when / if you wash off the liquid bandage later so you don't reopen the wound. Acne spot patches are also very useful to have on hand. Unfortunately they often have to be ordered online. I like ones by a Korean brand CosRX called acne pimple master patch which be found online, but Nexcare also makes some sold online at Walgreens (not sure where you're located). Hope that helps! Unfortunately I've been in this situation too many times myself, so I understand what it's like.
  5. Let's Talk Acne Safe Make Up : )

    More and more I find it makes little to no difference. Makeup can make an existing breakout worse for me, but it doesn't cause it. That's why giving it up never worked and I no longer blame makeup. I realize that everyone is different and I have certainly used makeup that didn't agree with me (the typical bad experience with mac), but my skincare and health are the bigger factors. My skin is oily and I look bad with a matte finish because it turns cakey on me and the matte finish highlights my skin imperfections. Very dewy looks obviously don't work either as I'm already prone to shininess. So I stick with natural, satin finishes and prefer medium, buildable coverage. The less makeup I can get away with, the better I look since my skin oil tends to make my makeup wear poorly. Many recent formulas heavy on the silicones results in my skin oil breaking it up into little dots of pigment sitting on the surface. I'm not sure why some do this and others don't.... but I am having more success with Asian makeup. My favorites right now are Etude House and Koh Gen Do (see sig). I also like Laura Mercier photo finish and Chanel lumiere velvet (the only matte makeup that doesn't look gross on me, probably because it's so lightweight...rarely use it because it has alcohol listed high in the ingredients, also probably why it stays matte and doesn't get cakey).
  6. Korean Skin care routine?!

    My skincare is mostly Korean. I love it! Its not a 10 step but it is pretty lengthy. The ingredients are awesome for the price. See my sig for my exact routine. My focus is on - thorough makeup removal with double cleansing (oil Cleanser followed by regular Cleanser) - clear pores with BHA and AHA serums - protecting and soothing with moisturizers and ampoules packed with anti-inflammatories - making my sebum (aka skin oil) more effective (i.e. a natural defense against bacteria). Vitamins can help your sebum do it's job. I like vitamin e and c and b3 (aka niaminicide) for the skin and I also take oral liquid extracts/supplements. - an occasional mask to soothe skin when stressed I also love Korean makeup. One of my favorite foundations is by Etude House.
  7. Hi, you probably don't know me but I used to frequent this forum over a decade ago as a prolific poster. Over the past decade I've struggled to keep my skin clear, often using the regimen or a modified version with some success. Nothing else came close to working - tazorac, clindamycin, birth control, diet changes, tea tree oil, etc. However, once I hit my 30s, my skin just couldn't handle benzoyl peroxide anymore. As many others report, it seemed to age my skin, and despite excess surface oil, it left me too flaky and dry. I felt this left my skin more fragile and prone to infection, and infection is a big issue for me as the cysts would often get oozey and bleed, which was embarrassing to say the least. See my sig for my current routine. I currently rely on BHA, AHA, and vitamin C serums plus soothing moisturizers loaded with anti-inflammatories. This alone kept my pores clear, faded hyperpigmentation, and helped with antiaging, but it didn't totally prevent cysts or their subsequent infection. I'd still have 1-2 deep, painful cysts at any given time, even if no other breakout. Years ago my friend suggested dandelion root tea. I tried it and found it so disgusting I dismissed it. Then recently, it dawned on me to try a liquid extract, as I had recently started taking other liquid supplements in juice to mask the taste. Much easier to shoot it all back quickly with juice than to sip a tea.... Within about a week my skin was healing and I've had no new cysts since. Ive been taking it now for 6 weeks and currently have 2 tiny zits with no pain or puss. I've had 2 menstrual cycles in that time also (often when I get new cysts). I don't think this ALONE is a solution, but with a great skincare routine and reasonably healthy lifestyle, it seems to be the missing key for me. So I highly recommend trying Dandelion Root Extract Liquid. It may not be your missing key, but it could be worth a shot. I will also try to report back in a few months to confirm if this gives me long term success.