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  2. On 03/07/2018 at 5:44 PM, flowerpower123 said:

    Omg AMAZING. Are u so happy? Maybe this is the end for you? Have u being doing anything different? 

    Aw thanks so much! I'm absolutely delighted to have some relief, but I think it will probably be temporary as this seems to work in cycles. However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will keep updating! I haven't been doing anything different - still using minoxidil :)
  3. I've had normal shedding for a full month!! :) This works in cycles, but I am now feeling fairly confident that I will never go bald from this

  4. More Than a Month
  5. I don't know what the hell is happening! I'm losing HANDFULS of hair again - i mean about 600 hairs a day. My shedding hasn't been this high in about 8 months. Absolutely terrified. Cannot psychologically cope with my hair getting as thin as it was over summer again. I really thought minoxidil was helping me maintain "cosmetically acceptible" hair, but this feels like the real deal again - feel like i'm about to lose it again.


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