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  1. Yep they play a role in this too absolutely. My point was, it all starts with Roche
  2. Does anyone on forum now have Crohn’s disease?? Are there any reported cases of Accutane causing Crohn’s No mimicking- clear cut Crohn’s disease, I’m very curious because there’d be medications for this at the very least, and pinpointing something is vital for us to move forward....
  3. Can someone suggest to me why we need to do autoimmune tests please? I’m asking out of respect and only just did one myself which came back negative. My thinking is all of us will come back with a negative result, so things like Lupus and Sjogrens will be rulled out. Having said that, we all still tend to “Mimic” these conditions but Doctors can’t act on mimic can they!!??
  4. Well, remember it’s not just cells dried out yeah it’s also the sebaceous glands. Then we have the lack of collagen so the point is there’s a whole host of issues going on with dryness and lack of structure in skin. Lets hope the cells do regenerate as normal, I’m not a dermatologist so I really don’t know, they probably don’t know either though ha ha.
  5. Yeah the chronic dehydration is incessant. The only thing that gives me hope in this dept came from a highly regarded Kinesiologist I saw - he pointed out when I raised this that cells in human body regenerate every 7-8 years. Whilst that might be a fact, 20 years after Tane I still remain very dry, face constantly feels dry, hair is dry etc etc. I also have skin like a porcelain doll, a girl at work even said I have beautiful skin - I didn’t have the energy to tell her how this came to be....
  6. I get that. There must be a follow up plan though? Doctor is not just to say you’ve tested positive, this is bad see you later.... Equally I can’t imagine they’ just recommend supplements, I’m thinking there are prescription drugs involved, but what are they?
  7. Whats the follow up if you do test positive?? What happens after that?
  8. I have continued problems of fatigue, depression, light sensitivity. Finally got back to my GP to get “red blood cell” count results. It’s all fine on this test!! ANA ( anti-nuclear antibodies) is Negative. Report suggests that negative would rule out Lupus in 95% of cases. So no signs of inflammation. On one hand you feel relieved when tests are negative but with our condition you always walk out none the wiser. I talked about blood flow issues post tane inc frontal lobe issues, she didn’t feel I exhibited the symptoms, I asked who one would see for such issues - it’s a Haematologist she said, perhaps someone else can get a referral to see about blood flow issues??
  9. Yep, no change in the chronic dryness regardless of what you take and don’t expect time to heal you, it won’t!!! how did you go with “Baxyl” did that make a difference for you at all?
  10. I really appreciate those findings!! I can show my Dr that sort of stuff, what we don’t find out with these diagnoses is what they did for these people afterwards? After that, what happened, how were they treated?
  11. How are your veins? How is your blood flow? Havent heard anyone else mention they’ve got varicose veins but blood flow seems to be an issue for many. Varicose veins are prob a result of this diminished blood flow... I get the feeling that most of us will test fine with all organs, perhaps a fatty liver here & there but I’m thinking oxygen supply is a problem, don’t know the source of it other than to think there is chronic inflammation that needs to be addressed.
  12. It’s not this forums fault we don’t have all the answers At any given time this board is a place to vent frustrations, share ideas, share tests etc but it’s not the fault of the vast majority who post here that we don’t have all the answers - we’ve learnt more here than anywhere else that’s for sure. Yeah we get idiots from time to time who advocate taking Accutane who think it’s a good idea to post here, I have compassion though for the collective group - add up all the experimenting, all the procedures we’ve had done over the years, all the different things we’ve taken and posted about.......absolutely staggering and a credit to the perseverance of sufferers!!
  13. I would say it causes both, the diminished brain function probably comes first though. People committing suicide, flying planes into buildings, stabbing doctors are depressed no doubt. Did you get warned of the permanent dehydration? I didn’t and there seems to be nothing to fix it, it just gets worse as time goes on. God only knows the implications of this from a systemic level - not good for the organs at all.
  14. You’d have to agree that one of the biggest side effects tane can produce is depression, has anyone fully recovered though from Accutane induced depression? I’m not sure.... In Aust we have all sorts of campaigns, many programs will mention reaching out for help if the program you have just watched has raised issues, similarly there are massive call outs to stop bullying in all its forms but I’ve gotta say with tane depression I’m yet to hear of anyone who knows how to treat this form of depression so even if you do seek help, no one that I’ve ever seen knows how to fix it, and I mean no one!! My thoughts are though that it’s a depression from brain interference, it’s not your typical “clinical depression”, it may manifest in a similar fashion but something is fucked up in the brain. So to all the latest programs/campaigns, before asking the public to seek help which we do, how bout contacting Roche and telling them to get their fucking act together and stop unnecessarily wrecking lives, that’d be a start.
  15. Wouldn’t banning isotretinoin even the generic version by default indicate that it’s too unsafe to use? You & I know it is unsafe but a complete ban might open them up to further lawsuits, I dare say the generic version exits as it kinda protects Roche from more people trying to sue them for lesser issues than say bowel cancer. I can think of so many reasons to sue them - eye floaters, hair loss, sore joints, light sensitivity, depression - all are unacceptable 20 years after taking it, and I was never told about these things. Pharmaceutical companies sure do have some power, their morals though are disgusting to say the least.....profits before people is their moto!
  16. Also, depriving oxygen to parts of body notably the brain, you don’t have to be Einstein to know why we might have fatigue, feelings of sadness etc etc. Its like depriving someone of sleep, it won’t take long to drive them mad and for them to burst into tears - this is completely different to “clinical depression” and thus needs to be treated differently, prob why antidepressants aren’t really what we need!! eliminating or at least minimising “artery calcification” is critical at this point!! Great info!!
  17. Very important info there. Now for me I have chronic varicose vein issue in both legs. When seeing the “Vascular Specislist” only a few months ago, I lead the conversation about Roaccutane and he had no knowledge about this, he basically said varicose veins are hereditary and in my case they need to be removed - he’s given me another 9 months to consider options. I went there looking for answers and a connection to Accutane, I talked about how fatigued I am and like every other GP or specialist he just said control diet and do more exercise. When I went back to my regular GP I simply told her the specialist didn’t give me any insight into what I was wanting out of this consultation, surgery isn’t going to fix my fatigue or depression issues, I can live with varicose veins I’m happy to just wear compression socks!! Thanks for this info - I’ll be using it!!
  18. Why do others who’ve been through Chemo get on with their lives with no lingering side effects for the most part?? What is it about Accutane that it hangs around for so long? I know cancer patients who go through hell while on chemo but after that all back to normal health. To be fighting cancer you’d say yep it’s worth it, this is what I have to do.... To be given a cancer drug for pimples is fucking pathetic, absolutely fucking pathetic!!!!
  19. Why aren’t Gastroenterologists offering up this info, why am I only hearing this on a forum?? Its not enough that I had an incompetent Dermatologist put me on tane but you’d think a highly qualified Gastroenterologist would be able to provide sound solutions for improving liver function and gut health. Basically it seems these days if they don’t find anything “sinister” going on, that’s where it ends....this in my opinion is not enough, a good follow up should be how to improve gut health and ensure optimal liver/gallbladder function.....for fuck sake, if they don’t know how these parts of the body work, what sort of hope does anyone else have? Can a real Doctor who knows their shit please stand up!!!!
  20. Thats not our fault, shots in the dark, we’ve been left in the dark. medical community has blood on its hands, fucking people’s lives up the way it has for years. It does some incredible stuff too, it would be ignorant not to say that, but when it gets it wrong it sure is a sad state of affairs to say the least.... Accutane suffering is just plain wrong and unnecessary!!!
  21. You just have to take Vit C?? So you don’t have to do any Liver/Gallbladder cleanses, which if done by the book involve colonic irrigation, fasting, avoiding certain foods, oil mixtures etc etc to cleanse both liver & Gallbladder, possibly done many times to get desired results. Are you saying just get on Vit C, don’t bother with time consuming cleanses?
  22. Thanks for update!! CoQ10 - I’m back on that too, esp in light of tane possibly affecting heart health. I’m also still doing Omega oils - to combat cholesterol and just because it’s good for you. What are your thoughts on supplementing Vit K and Vit A?? Perhaps one is better off just getting correct amounts of these via diet?
  23. Thanks ACCUiTy I know I asked not long ago but again, what are you taking these days? What are your must haves via diet or supplements plus some other things worth considering? Perhaps expand on why you are taking them? At the same time, what have you discarded in recent times?
  24. No that’s not the case in the examples I’m asking about, patients got side effects and the Derm put them on Vit A - things like headaches and peeling skin apparently subsided..... How did this happen?? No derailing please, I really want to know from those who understand the science better than others!!
  25. The only thing I’ve ever heard some Derms recommend patients with side effects is supplementing Vit A. Does anyone have a theory on how this would stop tane side effects??