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  1. In my experience, the lower the concentration of tca, the longer it takes to peel. A 10% peel can take up to two weeks for me, whereas with a 30% peel it takes a few days. I wouldn't be surprised though if you didn't get any peeling at all but just some slight flaking, the concentration is just too low.
  2. Good luck Noa! Please update us on how it goes, I'm very curious. I wish I had a car myself
  3. Here's one that has recently been discovered: make sure that you do your treatments during the daytime (8am - 8pm) and not at night. Wounds heal better and faster when they occur during the day as opposed to during the evening or night, and the difference is significant. They heal up to twice (!) as fast. Here's a link to the abstract: And here it is explained in an article:
  4. Which dermastamp to buy?

    No, I'm not accessing from Singapore.
  5. Which dermastamp to buy?

    Both sites work just fine for me. Try using another browser, or if that doesn't work, a VPN.
  6. Scar Treatment Worries

    Hey Petsme, I know how you feel. I come from scars much worse than yours. They were the result of accutane gone terribly wrong, leaving me with scars so much worse than the acne I initially tried to treat. From my now 2+ years of conducting scar treatments, I can tell you this: scars can improve but the process is incredibly slow. It will most likely take longer than you think, even after reading other people's journeys and thinking you have realistic expectations. We just naturally hang on to what we so desperately want to hear and the rest goes in one ear and out the other. You are very right to start slow and see what your skin can handle. What is also important is to make sure you are in optimal health to create the perfect environment for wound healing. Exercising (running) made a big difference for me, so did switching to a whole food plant-based diet. It just speeds up the process. One thing I would advise you to look deeper into is your low carb high protein diet. Animal protein (not plant protein) and dairy is very inflammatory for the body. When the body is busy fighting off that inflammation, it has fewer resources for less important tasks, like scar remodeling and wound healing. Also, you need way less protein than you think. For an average woman, 45 grams is more than enough and recommendations are getting lower each year. That is very easily obtainable through plant sources. Furthermore, if low carb means low fruit, I would look deeper into that as well. Fruit is essential for wound healing and scar remodeling (vitamin C!). And the available evidence points towards supplements just not doing the trick. I would highly recommend anyone treating their scars to check out or as a source of evidence-based nutritional information. Good luck. It will get better. Slowly.
  7. Tremendous improvement. I can barely recognize you!
  8. Healing2.0, I just wanted to say your skin looks amazing. You have come a long, long way. Yes, I know it's slightly swollen, but nevertheless, you've made amazing progress. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Scarless Healing

    Well done Tano! I really hope you'll be able to get some useful information from this conversation. As for questions, I would personally really like to know the following: are there any current scar treatments that would be possible contraindications for the future use of SkinTE? I was thinking about things like fat-grafting or other permanent fillers. Maybe even excision. It would be such a bummer to do something now for a little bit of improvement only to find out it ruled out your chance of getting a much better improvement later. Good luck with your phone call!
  10. Successful Results Archive

    " People dont loose hope in acceptance! Accept yourself and your journey after treatments, not before. " This is very, very dangerous advice. These success stories are anomalies, not the norm. This is publication bias at its finest. It's good to have hope, but not false hope. Accepting yourself should not be dependent on things you can not control, like the outcome of treatments.
  11. Please go and take your spam somewhere else. It's just too obvious.
  12. Scarless Healing

    If you are going to regenerate new skin, then of course, there will be some kind of difference visible. Your normal skin is affected by environmental factors like smoke, air pollution, what you eat (like beta-carotenes), sun damage etc. Any "new skin" will not have undergone these external influences (yet) and will thus look different.