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on 08/08/2014
HELLO EVERYONE,<br/>If you’re reading this, you're most likely struggling with acne and on accutane or deciding whether you should go on it or not. Well I’m here to tell you that its an incredibly difficult choice (obviously) but it is so incredibly worth it. Anyways this is going to be long but I’d like to share my story so that I can help others make a choice that can change their life for the better. In the beginning of high school, I would get occasional break outs. Nothing too serious, it didn't bother me that much. Once I hit my junior year of high school, my skin seemed to get so much worse within a matter of months. My first semester of junior year was spent going on pointless antibiotics and topical gels in order to fix my increasing problem. My cheeks had tons of spots, it seemed like no place was spared. While my acne was not the scarring/cystic type, I could not leave home without a face of foundation at least. My skin would bring me to tears, and I didn't like close up eye contact because I felt that it was incredibly noticeable. I always knew about accutane, but I had stayed away from it because of the things I had heard. Once summer began after my junior year, my skin improved a little from the sun exposure. However, I vowed that I would seriously consider accutane my senior year if my skin got worse after the summer. Sure enough, about a month into senior year the condition of my skin began to worsen once again. Now, I was still debating accutane. As many of you know, you cant drink any alcohol while on it and the side effects listed are quite terrifying. As a senior in high school, i wont lie, I went to parties regularly on the weekends and drinking just happened to be a part of my social life. I know it shouldn't have been this way, but that was why it was such a hard decision for me. Basically I decided to forgo parties with friends in order to have the clear skin that I always wanted. SO I began the whole process, the month long wait and the first blood test and whatnot. I began on 30 mg for my first month. Im a 5’7’’ girl and I weigh about 130 lbs. After about two weeks, I noticed that my face wasn't producing as much oil. IT WAS AWESOME. My hair stayed clean for days. It was super great. So I saw small improvement from there on. For my second month and then the rest of my course of 5.5 months, I was on 60 mg/day. I didn't notice a big difference in side effects with the dosage increase. My side effects were manageable- there were only two things that really bothered me (besides not drinking). First of all after like 3 months my eyes were F**KED UP. I would wake up with eye gunk and they would be red all the time. People always thought i was stoned. IT WAS AWFUL… And secondly, my finger tips got extremely dry (weird as hell I know) - but yeah they looked wrinkly and it was so awful. So by the fifth month, my skin hit a new level of clear. It was crazy. It took five months to get there and then I took the pills for two more weeks after that. I was worried about stopping, but its been about half a year and my skin is in the same wonderful condition! The oil returned but the acne didnt. I feel like a brand new person. I want to tell everyone to at least try this drug if you're struggling. Also to any girls- I suggest birth control. I started halfway through my course and I think it has also helped to keep my skin clear. My eyes are still dry sometimes before I fall asleep, but it isn’t horrible. Either way I am willing to put up with it in order to have my acne gone. Please please let me know if you have any questions. This can change your life!