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on 07/08/2014
Last week I began Accutane ... Something I was hoping it would never come down to but unfortunately after 11 years of suffering with constant breakouts I think it is time to do something a little more drastic.<br/>I first started getting breakouts when I was 12. I had just hit puberty and a majority of the kids in my class had a few spots here and there so I didn't make a huge deal out of it (at first anyway). It wasn't until I turned 14 that I really noticed that their was a problem with my skin. My forehead was covered in tiny little red nodules that it eventually made its way to my cheeks and back. I still remember boys in my class asking what was wrong with my face and it making me feel like complete and utter sh**! At this point I started Pro Activ which to be honest helped clear up a few spots here and there but overall burnt the absolute crap out of my face. I have used other products before that contained benzoyl peroxide of the same dosage and never did that happen to my face. I am going to put it down to the harsh beads along with the chemicals in this product that basically turned my skin into a big red inflamed mess. I am not a dermatologist and maybe that product works for some but I feel to avoid further damage to your skin you need to be gentle when it comes to acne. (topical treatments anyway)<br/>By the time I was 15 up until now, I am 23, the breakouts have been pretty inconsistent. They are always there but the nature of the breakouts I find is constantly changing which makes it difficult on my part to combat. I go from crazy hormonal breakouts to chest pimples, back pimples, crazy hairline acne, oily skin etc etc etc, I have used minocycline and others cycline's along with duac, benzac, differin, the contraceptive pill (of all sorts), natural supplements from the chinese doctor, dermalogica (different ranges), ella bache, supermarket brands, exposed skincare, skin doctors t-zone and the list goes on. I see results but I can honestly say my skin never looks that good.<br/>It wasn't until the past year when my acne turned from scattered blackheads and whiteheads, which as ugly as they were they were coverable to an extent, to large painful cystic lumps along my jaw line and neck that I realised that this problem was not going to go away on it's own.<br/>My self esteem is depleted.<br/>I am currently studying to be a personal trainer, slothing handfuls of foundation on my face is a complete waste of time when I will just sweat it all off not to mention my wallet has really taken a beating over the years due to all the product and expensive skin treatments I have forked out for.<br/>I am 23 and I still feel like an insecure 16 year old when it comes to my skin.<br/>My mother always drilled it into my head that Accutane was a dangerous drug (I asked previously in my teens to go on it) and that it would always cause more harm than good.<br/>For me to be on this product was not a decision that I have taken lightly.<br/>I understand the side effects completely and I currently take medication for depression.<br/>I really feel that no special diet, antibiotic, topical treatment or contraceptive pill will clear my skin.<br/>And honestly if you are going to fork out $100's of dollars a year on skincare you would expect your complexion to be flawless?<br/>My self esteem and wallet have had enough!<br/>So here I am typing this review, sipping my peppermint tea with bleeding chapped lips, extremely dry skin around my nose which hurts every time I move it in the slightest and the biggest most painful cystic pimple on my neck I have ever had.<br/>I can only hope this is what people refer to as the initial breakout and that my skin will finally clear.<br/>I will be sure to keep you guys updated.<br/>Wish me luck!