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Acne-free for the first time in a decade thanks to Accutane
on 03/08/2014
I was terrified to try Accutane. However, at the age of 21, I realized my acne wasn't going any where and I was so sick of it. I had constant breakouts, some cystic acne, and EXTREMELY oily skin. I would fill up one of those Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets with oil from my face every 90 minutes. Accutane completely changed my skin. It took me about 5 months into my treatment to get completely clear. About 2 weeks after taking Accutane the oil disappeared which was very weird at first. The first day that the oil was gone I was attempting to blot my face as it was so routine to me and I was confused as to why no oil was coming off my face. Thankfully, three months off Accutane and I have remained acne and oil free.<br/>However, I did experience some side effects.<br/>Temporary side effects:<br/>Dry lips (manageable with Aquaphor during the day and Aveeno medicated daily moisturizer at night)<br/>Dry skin (Cetaphil moisturizing cream at night)<br/>Flakey, ITCHY scalp (this lasted only about a month and was fixed with Head & Shoulders)<br/>Anal fissures (gross I know, but I experienced fissures while on Accutane and it was pretty painful. It took forever for them to heal, likely due to this medication. I never had fissures before taking Accutane so I'm convinced they were caused by Accutane. Thankfully they have healed since finishing treatment.)<br/>Side effects that still affect me 3 months post Accutane:<br/>Facial redness (my face used to never get red before, now it gets red when I get embarrassed/hot which sucks)<br/>Facial sweating (I've noticed that my face gets visibly sweaty very easily when I get too warm, I didn't experience this before Accutane)<br/>Aging (I feel that I look more aged since taking Accutane, maybe due to the lack of oil production)<br/>Although the side effects are annoying and intimidating, Accutane is definitely worth trying; it changed my life.