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  • Interests 24/05/06<br />Im suffering from face, back and chest acne. Also, im really self-conscious of my chest and back scars, so its now been 5 years since ive able to have real fun at the beach. <br /><br />My battle hsitory with acne.<br />Started geting bacne/face acne when i was 15, and i was naive enough to think they would go away itself.<br />At 17, i went on Oratane, this pill, which made my skin dry and lips really dry, also side affects were going plumfaced and sometimes fatigue. I stayed on it for two years.<br />now im 20, and i recently had a breakout on my face. <br /><br />Bacne and chest ance has never stopped since.<br /><br />Discovered this forum and very intrigued with the SEA SALT REGIME.


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