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accutane has worked wonders
on 03/01/2015
I know this a risky prescription drug but all that talk about the dangers are old stories from over 10 years ago and now doctors are aware of all of that and so I trust the medical today compared to past (obviously). Works wonders, this should be last resort though
its alright if you know what it is and you know how to use it
on 07/08/2014
Well I've taken it for sometime and have used it for about a month along with tretinoin and it did make my acne a bit worse before it started getting better and then I stopped doxy. and started using accutane and so far (day9) haven't had any initial breakout (fingers cross)
Tretinoin but be patient
on 07/08/2014
Only cream that will actually work but may take a few months but will be worth it. I used tretinoin a few times and quit because I thought it was aggravating my acne but I now know that it gets all the bad gunk out first and brings the next skin cells up to the surface. I used this for about a month before taking accutane and haven't experienced an initial breakout so far( on day 9) .... Be patient
no milk helps acne but doesn't clear all the way
on 07/08/2014
Reducing dairy and milk helped reduce my acne a lot as well as eating a sensible diet with eliminating soda and kool aid while throwing in a some fruits and salads throughout your diet will greatly reduce acne . at least limit intake of dairy products... DRINK LOTS OF WATER