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I can't believe I waited so long to see a Dermatologist!
on 25/07/2014
I was recently (about a month and a half ago) put on Differin by my derm. I had very mild acne but at 28 years old I had had enough - I wanted beautiful, clear skin!<br/>I sampled it on my cheek for 2 weeks to check for dryness / irritation then went forward with a nightly application all over my face. It dried my skin out so much, that touching it would make me cry out in pain! It was peely, flaky, painful - even the skin by my eyes and eyelids started to flake, and i didn't even put it on my eyes!<br/>I went to Pure + Simple here in Toronto to get some natural moisturizing products - since using I no longer have dry, peel, painful skin!<br/>At night I wash my face with:<br/>Neutorgena Body Clear body wash - seems to work for me<br/>Apply the Differin Cream<br/>Rub on Pure + Simple Hydrating Serum<br/>Finish with Pure + Simple Skin Drink Moisturizer<br/>In the morning I splash my face with water, then:<br/>I spritz my face with Pure + Simple Rose Hydrosol<br/>Rub on Pure + Simple Hydrating Serum<br/>Finish with Pure + Simple Skin Drink Moisturizer<br/>After following this routine for a couple of weeks I no longer need to apply the serum or moisturizer after the Differin at night - my skin doesn't feel dry anymore. If it feels parched ill go back to the moisturizers at night - but for now this seems to work for me.<br/>I can't say enough great things about Differin - it has only been about 6-8 weeks but my little face scars are gone, my skin feels so smooth - my nose feels soooo smooth! I can't believe the 180 my skin has done. I have yet to have an IB / purge and I'm hoping I don't get one. Good luck and stick with it!<br/>[link edited out]