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Worked really well for about a year but stopped
on 21/07/2014
I used to love this product. This time last year my skin was 100% clear. I had no blemishes or flaws on my skin and it was all thanks to this miracle in a tube but unfortunately it stopped working after about 1 year of use. Once it stopped working I had the worst break out I had ever experienced. I got about 20 pimples over a couple of days and I would classify it as acne. It was extremely painful acne too. After this I tested out a new tube of duac but there was no difference in my skin and so I left it as my skin had somehow become resistant to the antibiotic Clindamycin. However, a few weeks back I went back to my local GP and asked for a new, fresh tube of it and even though the results haven't been as good as they were the first time I used this product, there is still a noticeable progression in the clearing of my skin. I now suffer less breakouts (I still do get the occasional breakout as I'm a 16 year old teenager with hormones). I would highly recommend this product to try out but don't be reliant on this product alone and buy a decent skincare set. I would also recommend having a trusty moisturisers handy because duac can really dry out your skin!