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on 17/07/2014
I honestly have no review about the product because I did not get to use it. I am here to write a review about the customer service... and it simply sucks. First I called the number and basically I kept talking to the computer for 10 minutes and then it send me to talk to someone....but no one answered. When someone finally answered, they had no clue what I was talking about. I ordered the x out on a gift card and the lady kept telling me that i cant use a visa gift card. I have used it before for proactiv and the lady could care less about what i had to say. So basically I ordered it on june 30th and the company bothered not to tell me that the card number I used didnt work. The company did not even care to send me an email that the card was wrong and I have been waiting for the product for over two weeks. Honestly I have never written a review before for anything but receiving such a bad experience forced me to write one.