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Not worth the money
on 17/07/2014
Moderate acne. Fell for this as a teenager. Used it for over a year. It helped some with the acne but not much more than OTC treatments. Left my skin with bad texture and looking desperate. I've since had better luck with home remedies. I think part of the problem is we always attack our face instead of nourishing and supporting it. Proactive did nothing to nourish my skin leaving is looking half-dead.
on 17/07/2014
Moderate-severe acne for years and years. I've never had much luck with salicylic acid but really liked the RC-9 lotion, so I decided to buy the acne set. It was probably the worst decision I ever made for my skin. Not only did it not help my acne it left my skin with a horrible texture, enlarged pores, and just awful looking. It took a very long time for my skin to get it's normal texture back. I'm not sure why my skin did not like it; obviously others have had a good experience. I have normal skin that's not oily. My skin responds better the benzoyl peroxide than salicylic acid. I tried this when I was 20 years old. Good news is it does come with a satisfaction guarantee I never took advantage of... However, I did like their other RC-9 and FC-5 products.
on 17/07/2014
I've suffered from moderate acne for 8 years. I've tried pretty much everything short of accutane and bc. I've learned my acne is not directly diet related but rather stems from hormones, toxins, stress, and surface treatments. Tumeric is in my top 3 remedies.<br/>I use turmeric 2-3x a week. It calms my acne and redness and I think prevents new breakout. Since using it I stopped for 2 weeks and my acne started coming back. I like to mix turmeric with egg and leave it on my face overnight. I wash it off in the morning with alba botanica's acne wash which seems to do fine at removing the stain. About once I week I mix it with safflower and jojoba oil, leave it one overnight and wash off in the morning. This works well too. Of course every face is different so you have to find your match. My face responds well to egg and conservative use of safflower oil. My face does not respond well to yogurt. Experiment with how you mix your turmeric and try to learn which mask bases your face does or does not like.