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on 15/07/2014
I have a bumpy complection (I highly suspect it's closed comedones but I haven't been to a doctor about it) for quite a while, and it's incredibly frustrating because nothing ever seems to help. Awhile ago I started to regulate my regimen better (wash face in the morning and at night with mild soap, exfoliate every 3 days) and it did help a little, but I would be nowhere near where I am today if I hadn't started to put honey on my face. I get the best results if I leave it on overnight, (you need to cover your face with something if you do this or the honey will just smear off and get everywhere. I haven't figured out the best way to do this yet, but cutting gauze or kleenex and taping it where I put the honey works well enough for me.) and wash it off in the morning, rather than only leaving it on for 20 minutes during the day. I recommend 3 nights a week, or as long as you can when you're awake (an hour is good) if your skin is red, it works wonders for redness (perhaps because honey antibacterial and anti-inflammatory). For me it takes a while to clear my skin up if it's already bumpy, it works best if your pimples/bumps/what-have-you are still small. I will admit its not a perfect 'cure' (it obviously won't clear your skin up overnight), but if you stick to it (pun intended) you might just be amazed.