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on 07/07/2014
I threw this out after a few uses due to the product stinging my eyes. Not happy!<br/>I am currently searching for a good sunscreen/spf oil free face product...
on 27/06/2014
No. I have applied highly active (30+) Manuka to my face before... It was a nice facemask and I felt like it may have smoothed the skin a little... but does it help with acne? No.
on 27/06/2014
I have used Jane Iredale pure pressed powder for the past two years since suffering with acne. I used it to cover up, during my roaccutane treatment and now acne free - It is a product that I know won't aggravate my skin.<br/>I get compliments on how pure my skin looks and I am convinced its the great coverage that this powder gives!I do not use foundtation or concealers, just this! I've tried bare minerals before, thought it was rubbish in comparison!<br/>Love!
My story...
on 27/06/2014
I always had perfect skin as a child and teenager, right up until I was 18 and I went on the contraceptive pill. After 2 years on the pill I came off as I found that it made me very edgy, plus I wasn't in a relationship anymore and felt no need to continue with it. 6 months later, at 21, I had my first ever acne breakout and it was bad. It started with a few spots, then it covered my entire jawline (classic hormonal acne) the top half of my face was clear, the bottom half was covered in spots that kept coming back again and again.<br/>I took antibiotics for a year and tried various topical lotions, used expensive skincare products and herbal remedies, I even tried acupuncture but nothing worked until I went on Roaccutane.<br/>I am lucky that I have had an amazing dermatologist throughout the whole of this who has been able to shed some light on the situation; to cut a long story short - the contraceptive pill f**ked up my hormones resulting in adult onset acne. He was swift to get me onto a 3-6 month (it was 5 months in total) course of Roaccutane so as to avoid any deep scarring of the skin. He was strict about skincare products (I can only use oil free cleaner and moisturisers and avoid makeup, using mineral oil free matte powder and blush but no foundations or concealers) and I keep to this routine and try to avoid 'messing about' with different products too much.<br/>Roaccutane has been a harsh and difficult journey, I felt like sh*t when I was on it. The dry lips are a distant memory now, but I remember how awful they were (mine sometimes split at the sides and I reapplied lip salve, what felt like, once a minute!) I haven't suffered from any depression but I would feel a tiredness that I have never ever felt before and I can see how people become depressed by this, especially younger acne suffers (I was 23 on my course and felt strong enough to cope.) My whole body ached and I felt completely knocked out. I would come home from work eat and get straight into bed to just lie there or nap for hours and hours. I love the gym, and I found that my knee joints played up (I remember going for a 6 mile run, which would be a normal thing for me to do pre roaccutane, but 2 months into the treatment and I couldn't walk the next day after the run, a pupil at school helped me up the stairs like a woman four times my age - scary) so be prepared to have to completely take it easy and essentially live in a bit of a haze for the months of treatment....<br/>My life was a weird blur during those 5 months, but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel as my skin improved quickly.<br/>Once off the drug, the redness, tiredness, chapped lips and joint pain all went away within 2-4 weeks.<br/>My honest advice would be - try other options first, research the drug, read up about it, talk to a dermatologist, think about the root of the problem not just a quick fix and be prepared mentally and physically for the treatment.<br/>I wish you all the love and luck in the world. Be strong.
The best.
on 27/06/2014
My cleanser of choice! I love Simple products, this cleansing wash contains waaaay less chemicals than Cetaphil (which I occasionally use) and I can really feel the difference when I switch between them.<br/>My skin feels much more natural when using Simple, less like I've coated it in plastics (which is what it feels like when using Cetaphil, in my opinion!)<br/>Its Soap free which is a bonus - is this as good a claim as 'oil free', I'm not sure? Someone enlighten me!<br/>It works! Try it!
so far, so good.
on 27/06/2014
I have been using this moisturiser for about a year. During this time I went through a 5 month course of Roaccutane ( I am almost 2 months off, and so far so good.) My dermatologist told me that it didn't matter WHAT product I choose to use on my face, as long as it was marketed as OIL FREE. He mentioned this product and the first thing I did was buy it! So far it has been a worthwhile choice and it is reasonably priced.<br/>I use 100% soap free Simple facial wash (or sometimes Cetaphil) , followed by Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser** and I find that this combination works well for me.<br/>**I have used the same product with SPF in, but this stings my eyes.