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First 3 months horrible, last 3 months great, afterward horrible
on 26/06/2014
I am a female with moderately severe acne, and I used Tazorac for 6 months when I was around 17 years old. I am 19 years old today.<br/>The first few months, my acne got a lot worse (purging), and I also suffered from very flaky, irritated skin. (I was using it with moisturizer, too!) In fact, I would carry a bottle of moisturizer with me, and I asked my friends to point out any flakiness so that I could whip out my bottle of moisturizer to use on the spot. Some days, I would use moisturizer about 6 times an hour.<br/>However, around months 5 to 6, my acne got a whole lot better. (I remember getting a lot of compliments on my skin around this time.) Also, in the areas that the acne healed, my skin was completely smooth and had no scarring or hyperpigmentation. (I still deal with hyperpigmentation of my skin after the acne lesions heal on benzoyl peroxide these days.)<br/>However, after month 6 on Tazorac, I recall my acne getting a lot worse (almost as bad as the purging months of Tazorac). After that, I stopped using Tazorac and began using benzoyl peroxide, where I noticed a noticeable improvement. However, I feel like the overall effect of Tazorac on my skin has been more negative than positive: I ended up with acne in spots I usually wouldn't get acne.<br/>Even then, though, I believe Tazorac helped immensely with my forehead acne (or perhaps that was due to puberty). These days, though I am on benzoyl peroxide, it seems like my acne is getting out of hand again and resisting its treatment. I am not sure what to do at this point because benzoyl peroxide is what is recommended by this site. Most of my severe acne is around my mouth area (between my nose and mouth, and on my chin). It has even started spreading outward to my cheeks, where I have never had acne before. :(<br/>Anyway, I hope this review has been helpful. Good luck!