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Do not waste your money!
on 12/07/2014
I recently wrote a review on this and decided to update. This moisturizer is terrible. I had high hopes for this moisturizer but it is awful. I received a sample and I was so excited to try it, Okay, the smell is decent but it takes forever to soak in and when it does, my skin is back to being flaky and dry beyond reasoning 20 minutes after I use it. I'm so glad I did not purchase the big bottle. This is a waste of money. I suggest getting a sample before you commit to the bigger bottle. You'll thank me later.
on 12/07/2014
This cleanser really is gentle on the face. It has no acne fighting ingredients, however it doesn't irritate or dry out my face. One to two pumps of this works into a smooth lather and it cleans my face without being too harsh. Good stuff!
on 11/07/2014
Okay, I never had acne growing up. It wasn't until I turn 21 (my current age) that I started experiencing break outs. I've tried topical treatments, salicylic acid, and BP was my last attempt. I went to my doctor after ordering the treatment set and she said I did the right thing by ordering this regimen. Not only has it cleared up majority of my acne, it's only been two weeks. The drying and flaking I experienced has totally been worth it because my skin is almost clear. Perfect because I'm going on vacation in three weeks, I still have a few acne pimples but from going to a face full of acne to a few bumps in literally two weeks? i have no complaints. Not to mention the price was so worth it for the amount you get. I will repurchase for as long as this stuff is being made.