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FInally positive results for over 50 acne
on 24/06/2014
I have tried EVERYTHING for my over 50 acne. Cost was not a concern, I just needed results. If your like me and you are trusting some twenty year old at Ulta telling you that your face SHOULD break out more as the product works, I have news for you. THEY ARE WRONG!!! O and FYI, I found out that if you return a product to Ulta, they will put it back on the shelf ... I kind you not .... straight from the managers mouth. I did email Ulta about that, but got no reply :(. OK back to the review. The new Clearasil ultra is the bomb. I find that the cleanser leaves my face feeling clean but not too dry and the moisturizer is perfect for my weird dry/oily over 50 skin. I have not had such a blemish free complexion in many years. I can't recommend this product enough for adult acne. They got the recipe just right. O FYI the price is awesome also :).