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Please give apple cider vinegar a shot!!!
on 16/06/2014
I have tried everything from acne clearing systems to prescription creams and it turns out the answer for my acne was in my pantry the whole time. I was skeptical to use home remedies for my acne because I had always heard that benzol peroxide and other prescription creams were the way to go. However nothing else that I'd tried had been giving me consistent results so I figured I had to just give apple cider vinegar a shot! Now after I have been following my new skin care regimen for 2 weeks I can see a considerable reduction in the frequency and severity of my breakouts along with reduced pore size and an overall more glowing complexion. It sounds too good to be true, but please just try it out for yourself :)<br/>I wash my face morning and night with Dr. Bronner's tea tree oil castile soap and then follow with the ACV as a toner. At first I used a 1:3 ACV to water ratio but I now use equal parts ACV and water. I apply this mixture with a cotton ball and dab it all over my face. Lastly I spot treat any pimples with straight ACV on a q-tip. I just hold the q-tip over the problem area for a few seconds. If my face is feeling dry after the ACV has dried I will apply a light moisturizer (I use alba green tea and aloe) as needed.<br/>I used to get frequent breakouts all over my face and now I rarely break out and if I do the size of the pimple is much smaller and not as deep. Also, if I feel a pimple coming on at night I will treat it with ACV and in the morning it is hardly noticeable. I really love the way my face feels after transitioning over to all natural products, and my face obviously likes the products too.<br/>I wish I had tried out ACV a long time ago and I hope that you try it out for yourself and see results like I did!!!
Hello Dr. Bronner's, Goodbye Acne!!
on 16/06/2014
I have dealt with acne for the past 10 years and have tried everything from face washing systems to prescription creams. Nothing has consistently worked until I tried out Dr. Bronner's tea tree oil as a face wash. I wish that I had come across Dr. Bronner's back in my early teens and I could have saved myself dermatologists visits and money! I started using this soap 2 weeks ago and can already notice a decrease in the frequency and severity of my breakouts as well as decreased pore size and an overall healthier looking complexion. My friends and family have even started to say that my skin glows these days! I wash with Dr. Bronners every morning and night and then apply raw apple cider vinegar as a toner (equal ratio of ACV to water) with a cotton ball. When I first started this new skin care regimen my skin got a little dried out so I applied a thin layer of Alba green tea and aloe face moisturizer when needed. I'm so happy that I came across reviews of this soap and decided to give it a try. I'm sure that the other Dr. Bronner's soaps are great as well and I'd like to try them. I like the tea tree oil soap for acne though because it has antibacterial properties but isn't overly drying or harsh on sensitive skin. And best of all this soap is only about $8-10 :)