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on 16/05/2016
I actually quit dairy for reasons unrelated to acne (I don't believe a cow's hormones are compatible with the human body), but was thrilled to notice an amazing skin improvement.<br/>My acne used to be more severe in my teen years and started to clear up in my early 20's. However I've had moderate back acne and little white bumps that are under the skin on my face for as long as I can remember. The ones on my face were mostly only noticeable up close, but we all know we're perfectionists when it comes to our own appearances. They bothered me quite a bit as I thought my skin was an unpleasant texture and would avoid looking at myself in certain lighting.<br/>As soon as I quit dairy (three weeks ago) I've noticed a drastic improvement on my back, chest and face. I can only attribute it to the cutting of dairy as it's the only lifestyle alteration I've made, and a problem I've had for 7 years has pretty much disappeared.<br/>My back and chest are completely clear and the white bumps on my face are almost completely gone (there are a couple here and there which I'm convinced will clear up too given time).<br/>A side bonus note unrelated to acne, I've noticed significantly more stable moods and a massive dulling of my ADHD symptoms since quitting it too. So glad I did it and can't recommend it enough.
on 12/06/2014
I've suffered from moderate acne on my face and back and chest for 7 years, and only now has my skin for the first time been blemish free. I've been drinking a little under a shotglass worth of ACV every day for the past 3 months or so, and I can't say enough good things about it. It totally cleared up my skin. In conjunction I also use ACV topically by wiping it undiluted on my face. A couple of warnings:<br/>The taste takes a while to become accustomed to but is definitely worth it<br/>Your skin will take a while to adapt to undiluted ACV applied topically, so always mix it with water first for a while<br/>Do not drink ACV undiluted under any circumstances, it can severely damage your oesophagus<br/>Make sure the ACV you use is unpasteurised, organic and contains "The Mother". I use Bragg's. Don't be surprised if you try just any old ACV in your kitchen and don't see results.<br/>Just as a side note, I've also had brittle, peeling fingernails and low energy levels for years and now my nails are unbreakable and beautiful and I feel much more energised and healthy. This is the only thing I would go so far as to call an acne cure, apart from things like roaccutane which I have not tried myself but I know come with handfuls of adverse side effects. If you're getting desperate for an acne cure, please try ACV before you try any acne medications. It'll spare you a lot of doctors appointments, time, money and side effects. The stuff is actually good for you.<br/>Give it a whirl!
on 08/06/2014
I can't stress how many different products and home remedies I have tried over the past 7 years to combat my acne. I tried it all. Whilst some treatments were effective in the short term or for spot treatment, they all seemed to throw my skin out of balance and worsen my acne in the end.<br/>I just want to preach for a little second and say that the majority of over the counter products are full of chemicals that disrupt your skin's pH balance. What you're doing is stripping your face of its natural oils, which makes your skin go, "alrighty, better overproduce sebum to compensate for what was just stolen from me!", which causes oily skin and acne. This leads me to why apple cider vinegar is the most beautiful substance on earth; it is acidic and full of enzymes which restore your skin's natural pH levels, making for soft, smooth, beautiful acne free skin.<br/>I use Bragg's ACV undiluted (it took a while for my skin to adapt to this so you may want to start by diluting 50/50 with water) by soaking a makeup remover pad in it and gently rubbing it all over my face morning and night. It is the only thing I use on my face aside from makeup, I don't even use water.<br/>I have also been drinking a couple of tablespoons every day. I find it best to mix the ACV in a big bottle of water and drinking it throughout the day. That way it is diluted enough to mask the unpleasant taste (having said that I'm actually used to it now) and to also encourage you to drink more water which is also awesome for your skin.<br/>This is the only review I have ever written for anything and I did so because acne is a huge confidence wrecker and an overall dickhead that I'm sure if you're browsing this website you'd like to be rid of. I've been using ACV for a few months now and it is continuing to work wonders for me. My skin hasn't been totally blemish free like this since I was 12 and I 100% attribute this to ACV. It's so worth a try, I really wish somebody told me this years ago. Don't waste copious amounts of money on damaging your face with harsh chemical concoctions. Get some ACV in your belly and on your face.