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Green tea
on 07/06/2014
So theres so much to green tea that one can benefit from and personally I love sipping my green tea iced or hot. Ive been drinking green tea for years now and I love it. Although I do breakout and I dont have the perfect skin, I cant really say if green tea hasnt helped my skin because there might be other stuffs like food or hormones causing me to breakout. Everything aside, I love my green tea(Yogi green tea, Lipton)
ok results
on 07/06/2014
One of my friend got rid of her acne with Aloe and so I applied it for good 3 months every night.. I liked it but it didnt show much improvements on my acne on the cheeks. However, it helped my forhead bumps which is weird. I would go back to it and recommend it because it might just do wonders to your skin :)
on 07/06/2014
Used it for good 3 months without the pads. In the beginning it looked liked it worked but then after a month it completely stopped. The spot relief did nothing to the acne even when i applied it faithfully every night to an active acne. I can still feel bumps on my skin.So Ive stopped using it and will not purchase it ever again.