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An oldie, but goodie!
on 05/08/2014
This is what I was mainly using before Dan's. Dan's BP is now my HQ product, but I won't hesitate to go back to Clearasil Vanishing cream or Clearasil Ultra is Dan's because discontinued. Because this is a 10%, only a very thin layer is needed. Followup with a moisturizer is highly recommended. It's affordable and worked as well as most prescription creams did for me. It kept me much clearer than usual....but it wasn't til I swithed to Dan's Regimen (+ D3 & Zinc) that I became 100% clear. But if you live where the Regimen can be shipped, Clearasil is one of the best your going to get over the counter.
on 05/08/2014
It's better than no treatment at all, but it would be one of my last choices. It's very harsh, drying, and makes me peel a lot...much more so than any other Benzoyl Peroxide product (I've tried every one at some point over the decades....I'll save you the trouble, go with Dan's!). The texture of the C&C Persa Gel is just weird. It cracks, flakes, and wears horribly under makeup. Once it even left me with this bad chemical burn look across my face. Sorry, can't recommend this at all. It's not the fact that it's 10%. Even though I prefer 2.5% because it wrks just as well for me, I am able to use other 10% formulations with no problems at all (like Clearasil Ultra and Clearasil Vanishing Cream...those are my next choicees after Dan's).
Great makeup!
on 05/08/2014
I tried this per Dan's recommendation. It offers decent enough covereage, though I still need concealer for spot treatment coverage. The whole "smart shade" thing is a gimmick (color releases from the beads as you crush the little granules while rubbing the foundation in your palms or on your gets darker giving the impression that it is "matching your skin"...No, the whit granules are releasing color). Gimmicks aside, this is one of the very few foundations that doesn't break me out. That alone earns a 5 star rating from me since almost everything breaks me out. I wish a little more product came in the bottle though. I might try the other Almay foundations in bigger bottles since Dan mentioned all of Almay caters to acne prone skin.
Good, but not Physician's Formula's best
on 05/08/2014
Try their BB Powder instead. That one is even better. Neither the BB Powder of Mineral Wear breaks me out though, so that's a good thing. The BB one has much better coverage and is less drying though. Physician's Formula has the best powders in the drugstore price range. Forget expensive department store products. PF has you covered :)
Improves my skin!
on 05/08/2014
I used this per Dan's recommondation and I love it! The texture is nice, it doesn't break me out, and it makes my skin look healthier overall. I even wear it day and night because I love the affects. It has vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, and aloe...all of which are good for skin. I'd prefer for it to not have a chemical sunscreen added, but I don't notice any bad affects from it. My skin is super sensitive and breakout prone, so it's rare for me to find a sunscreen or makeup product that I like. This passes my test! Before I was relying on my makeup for sun protection because sunscreen inevitably broke me I'm glad I finally found this.
on 05/08/2014
The results are amazing. It gets rid of flakes, moisturizes, gives me a healthy glow, fades scars, and just makes my skin go from Pasty to Porcelain. I started off mixing a pea size amount to my moisturizer and built up to where I can use a full finer length. Please try this if you already are using the rest of the Regimen! It's also an amazing spot treatment. Dab an extra amount on the active zits at night and they'll be GONE by morning! The texture is amazing too. It is soothing and feels nice going on after the BP. The light, silky products soaks in quickly. You will feel a little burning your first few days of using it. Don't let it scare you. The results will be amazing skin and that side affect goes away after using this a week or two.
Holy Grail
on 05/08/2014
Through researching, I decided to give zinc and D3 a try. Wow wow wow is all I can say. The combination works better than the antiobiotics I've taken in the past like Minocycline. I know that I most likely was Vitamin D deficient since I never see the sun with my overnight shift at work. I don't know if it's a placebo affect or not, but I also notice that I'm not really depressed anymore and that my skin glows (in addition to being CLEAR for the first time in over a decade). The addition of Zinc and D3 to the Regimen was the final touch I needed to take me from mostly clear to 100% clear....hopefully the scars go away completely soon. I got the gummies by Vitafusion. They taste better than candy, which makes me way more inclined to take them. I started on 4,000 iu daily since I am most likely deficient. I'll most likely keep it at that amount since newer studies recommend around 5,000, as opposed to the previously recommended much lower amounts.
This delicious African Tea is awesome for your skin!
on 15/07/2014
No tea in itself will completely cure acne (or any medication for that matter). But this one helps the most when combined with a healthy lifestyle and the Regimen. I'm a tea fanatic and have many varieties (white, green, many different herbal ones, etc...). I wasn't even drinking Rooibos for the purpose of acne and noticed a marked improvement in my skin after drinking a few cups of it a day. Clear and glowing! I had just discovered Rooibos tea and how naturally fruity/sweet and delicious it tasted without having to add a sweetener. After doing some online research, I saw that many other people reported that it helped majorly with their skin. It has many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It tastes way better than green tea and has shown much more of an improvement over green tea, so I'll stick to Rooibos. I get many different variations of loose leaf Rooibos from Teavana so I don't get tired of it (Rooibos Tropica, Rooibos Blueberry Bliss, Doscha Chai Rooibos, etc...). I also brew it myself with the single cup Perfect Teamaker I purchased there. Try it. If it doesn't work for you, the worst thing that can happen is that you drink a yummy cup of tea and get many health benefits :) It works too if you buy the cheaper grocery store boxed tea bags, I just happen to have a personal preference for loose leaf tea because it tastes better. Oh, and it's naturally caffeine free! Highly recommended.
Why does this cost so much?
on 16/06/2014
Unfortunately, my health insurance didn't cover this. So I had to pay full price (I don't remember the exact price, it was near $200 I think). It did work better than OTC creams like Clearasil, but not THAT much better. It definitely was not worth the price. I don't know why dermatologists insists on prescribing me things that cost an arm and a leg. It's not realistic to keep that up long term. I don't have that extra amount of money to shell out every month. That's partially why I stopped going to dermatologists. They don't put any effort into finding the root cause (food allergy, hormones, etc...). They look at your face for a few seconds without giving you a chance to ask questions, then tell you to wash with Cetaphil and prescribe a bunch of overpriced creams in rapid succession. Then they resort to Accutane (which didn't work for me btw). Sorry, I shouldn't say all derms, but the long list of ones I went to were all like that and I don't have the money for the trial and error of finding one who is worth it. I would give Duac 3 or 4 stars if it weren't for the price, but I'm strongly against how these companies are overcharging for their products, taking advantage of the emotional anguish of acne sufferers. I would buy Duac again if the price were knocked down to something more reasonable. Benzoyl Peroxide is dirt cheap. Clindamycin is dirt cheap. So why does Duac cost do much when those are the two active ingredients? Heck, I'd even pay $50, but not $200. Dan's Regimen and products are working better than Duac anyway, and much cheaper to boot.
Not worth it in the end (depression, thanks)
on 16/06/2014
I did Accutane once 10 years ago. Yes, it did help, but not much more than the run of the mill BP or prescription creams. It was not worth it in the end. It was expensive, the blood tests were more than a minor inconvenience (I'm terrified of needles), I had nosebleeds, etc... I don't know if the deep depression I was going through while on & for a few years afterwards it is a coinidence or not (there are studies saying that it does cause depression though). However, it's the aftermath a few years later that had me regretting this the most. Let's just say I didn't start having "bowel" issues until after this and I don't consider it a coincidence considering all the people who reported IBS after using Accutane. Needless to say, it wasn't worth it and I won't go on a second round. And some of the bigger side effects reported from other user's scared me too (like premature menopause). To be honest, Dan's regimen is working better than Accutane did. I'm giving Accutane 2 star. I would give it 1, but it did help a tiny bit temporarily I guess. The acne came back with a vengence about 2 years afterwards anyway. If it actually did 100% clear my acne and kept it away, I would actually give it 5 stars despite the bad side effects, because acne has had such a detremintal effect on my life from an emotional perspective. But it didn't make me clear,, I wouldn't recommend this.