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helped with PMS and cramps but gave me cystic acne
on 04/06/2014
I was on OTC for 4 years so I have definitely given it enough time lol. I had very minor acne before the pill. My face was mostly clear throughout high school and college only flaring up a hand full of times (all being super hot sticky summers or on missionary trips where there was no air conditioning!) I decided to go on birth control to help with severe PMS and cramps and also to make my periods lighter. OTC helped all those things however I still have week long periods at least. BUT here is my issue with it. I NEVER had cystic acne before this pill. Never. And I certainly never broke out around my chin. My acne was mostly surface white heads on the forehead and around the nose. I was kind of duped into thinking this worked because it did clear up the minor acne and whiteheads I had BUT every single time I got to the dark blue hormone pills I would get a cystic acne lump around my chin/mouth. For about 2 years I didn't think much of it because hey it's just one pimple a month. But over the last two years it's just gradually getting worse and the cysts are getting more aggressive and red and large and they're happening more often. I kept googling what these things were and I also came across things saying cystic acne along the chin and jawline is hormonal imbalance and I thought "how could that be?!" I mean I eat healthy, I'm tiny for my height, I work out and I'm already on OTC to help regulate hormones and help acne. OCT was just slowly getting my face out of wack. As soon as I stopped taking it the cysts disappeared! Yeah I certainly broke out going off of it but it was shallow acne like what I had before, so clearly this was the thing that was throwing my hormones out of wack. How horrible! I say get off this asap if you never had cysts before this. I can't believe I stayed on this 4 years without realizing it was the cause of these huge pimples. I also never experienced an initial outbreak with this - it just sneakily and very slowly gave me the cysts. So deceptive!<br/>Also started to get regular headaches with this. I know it's helped a lot of ppl but everyone is different. I say if you don't have moderate/severe acne to begin with, just don't mess with bcp.