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  1. Woohoo! Just did my second to last blood test and the last one I need for my medicine. I'm peeling like a lizard on my face right now. My symptoms come in waves. I'm heading to the mall today too. I'd like to find a nice product to help reduce the facial redness. Even off of accutane I have a redness to my skin.
  2. ^^ Thanks! So I met with my derm. She's still OK with me finishing up my course without adding another month. She reminded me that accutane will still keep working for two months after you stop it. I really like my derm, she also was on accutane when she was my age and also had cystic acne. She's been clear for 10 years now and she's such a positive example for me. Great to have a doctor that has been through what you have. She offers good recommendations and tells me about her side effects too (no lasting side effects). Nothing special to report in side effects. Every now and then I'll stumble for a word I'm looking for when talking to my fiance lol who knows if that's accutane or just me being me. Does anyone recommend green cream for after accutane? My derm gave me the option of differin or a low grade retinoid but I've sworn off retin a forever after a terrible experience. Differin I'm open to, but I'm curious about green cream:
  3. BLEH! Got my first cyst on accutane this past week I'm feeling kind of nervous because I don't think you should be getting those 4 months into a course this high? It was a small one on my jawline right before my period. I also had a couple zits on my legs and I don't know what that's about. I see my derm tomorrow for my last refill! I'll ask her what she thinks. I totaled up my final dosage per kg and at the end of my course I will be at 198... well above the needed amount for remission. These cysts better stay away or I'm going to be totally devastated. Annoying side effects: Crazy cracked lips is really getting painful. I'm getting little blisters even around my mouth from the irritation. I bought some cortisone ointment that my derm recommended to put on the cracks when they flair up. Back pain and stiffness is still happening too. I highly recommend taking glucosamine chondroitin complex with vitamin D in it. A pharmacist recommended it, it's normally used by old people for their joints but it's lessening symptoms here too. I've also gained like 5lbs because I've been paranoid about having a lot of fat with my pills. I'll be happy when I can get back to my regular eating habits and not worry about loads of fat with every pill.
  4. Going into my 4th month!! The hardest thing is remembering to take my 2 pills a day. One pill is easy but busy days it's so hard to remember it twice with a meal! Back soreness/ pain has gotten worse this month and my hair is also shedding. Nothing crazy and I have super thick hair anyway so it's sort of welcome.
  5. I'm almost at the end of my second month and I couldn't be more happy with my accutane course so far! I'm 120 pounds, female, petite, and I'm on 80mg currently. 1st. month = 40mg per day (myorisan) 2nd. month = 80mg per day (switched to claravis) Annoying side effects: Dry skin Eczema for the first time on hands and fingers Headaches the first month Dry, cracked lips Burn easily (even on the way to work with thru my windows, yikes!) Occasional fatigue Side effects I've enjoyed: Not washing my hair for a week I finally feel like I have normal skin? Yes it's dry and peeling and flaking sometimes but I LOVE not being a grease pit constantly. My face has always looked like you could fry an egg on it. I would literally go thru 5-6 of those oil blotter sheets at a time. SO gross. The other annoying thing is having to eat it with so much fat or a big meal. I'm sometimes just not a big eater so it can be hard to make sure I'm eating it with enough calories.