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Seriously good!
on 24/05/2014
I'm a 19 year old girl who suffers from bad skin- it has got a lot better into my late teens but around my cheeks are always bad... until now! I stole a green tea tea bag from one of my flat mates and haven't looked back since! not only are my spots less red, there's less of them and my pores are looking healthier too. I vary between drinking 3-5 cups a day (I really like the taste too) but as well as drinking I always remove all make-up and then rub the tea bag, when its cooled slightly, over my face twice daily and that seems to help too. I don't just stick to plain green tea either, I've heard about the benefits of lemon juice for skin and so I also have green tea with lemon, which tastes awesome too. Hope this helps and that you get the same results I've had from drinking green tea!<br/>(By the way, it has worked very quickly for me- all these results have been in under a week- and it's the middle of exams and so the stress can't have been helping- so green tea is doubly good!)