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on 24/05/2014
So three months ago, I started to break out with a few big and small pimples. I started an OTC remedy with cerave face wash and benzoyl peroxide, also tried tea tree oil and other topical ointments. Nothing worked my acne was becoming more severe and leaving terrible hyperpigmentation.<br/>I went to my doctor who prescribed me 1. Clindamycin Phosphate Swabs 2. Retin-A 3. Minoclycin 50mg pills.<br/>My Regimen:<br/>Morning:<br/>1. Take Minoclycin with 1 full glass of water before breakfast.<br/>2. Wash with cold water and cera-ve<br/>3. Wait 20 minutes, apply Clindamycin Phosphate Swab<br/>4. Wait another 30 minutes, apply benzoyl peroxide and then finish with sunscreen moisturizer (cera-ve)<br/>Night:<br/>1.Take Minoclycin pill before dinner<br/>2. Wash cold water and cerave<br/>3. Wait 20 minutes, apply Clindamycin Phosphate Swab<br/>4. Wait another 30 minutes, apply Retin-a thin amount.<br/>**do not apply bp with retin-a<br/>So far so good, its been a week and a half and no new pimples. I feel a tiny one coming in but it feels under control. I find the clindamycin to sting and become sticky and also my skin/pimple scars becomes a little red. I am not sure how much to put on... Usually one or two swabs for the affected area.<br/>I also recommend using this as a cleaning spot treatment after you pop AND only if you MUST pop. Don't pop the infection spreads this is what happened to me!<br/>Eat healthy, eliminate anything that might interfere with your body like caffeine, soda, alcohol and sugar. I also recommend to drink a lot of water make it a goal to drink a lot it really helps in detoxing the body from bacteria and toxins. Be positive, don't overdo your skin regimen and don't stress!! Stress definitely causes more.