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Help for keeping the skin safe
on 18/05/2014
I write a review as i can tell you it works.<br/>First of all i always had bad acne in my back but by eating well and better it makes a difference. However, there was still some little redness and spots on my back and sometimes on my face. I found the idea of using your urine horrible and disgusting but you know when you struggle so much for acne you try even the "worst" stuff.<br/>I do agree that this therapy is gross and my urine smells bad because i eat meat and fish :( Still, after the first uses i saw a huge difference: my acne was fading away and after a week everything just gone.<br/>But, i got a food allergy due to nuts after 3 days, my point is thanks to my urine the effects of this allergy were minors or just not as bad as it could had been. Desperate of getting ride of this allergy, i started to drink my urine. It does not help a lot i have to say, but my skin didn't get rash after all the products i used on my face like a retard. My skin is still healthy and scars are really healing.<br/>I have eczema at the time i write this review on my back, my urine does help to moisturizer witout a oily effect that could add acne to my back as well. I'm gonna try Aloe vera in order to get ride of this eczema today.