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DO NOT BUY THIS. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME. Invest in's products. Seriously.
on 27/06/2014
I used this product along with the strict steps of the Regimen for ten weeks. With this product came no results for my severe acne on my forehead. Instead, my acne got worse and worse within the ten weeks. In addition to my acne looking terrible, this product left a disgusting white mess on my face every time I used moisturizer or even water on my face. But even most importantly, I spent proabably almost $100, maybe more on this product, because the puny 0.75 oz only lasted me not even two weeks, and paying $8 for 0.75 oz that did not help my face whatsoever did not make any sense. SO I BOUGHT ACNE.ORG's Benzoyl Peroxide treatment and my face started clearing IMMEDIATELY. Please, do not put yourself through months of depression and debt like I did just because this was available at the drug store. Buy the Regimen.
on 27/06/2014
I cannot even begin to explain how much this product has changed my life. Within one month my severe acne completely disappeared from my face. I had been using Neutrogena's On the Spot treatment for ten weeks prior to receiving this in the mail with ZERO results. I FINALLY decided to cave and order's solution. Not only did this cost 300x less than Neutrogena's 0.75 oz little tube, but it actually worked 300x better. I still cry happy tears looking in the mirror because buying this product was the best decision of my life.