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on 13/05/2014
I had actually used BP, with success for about 2 years, when it suddenly stopped working, became really irritating, and I broke out over my entire face, including in areas like my jaw line where I had never broken out before. I tried a variety of products for about 6 months and failed to find anything that worked even a little bit. Then I found some vinegar in a cabinet. I put a few tablespoons in a bowl with water that was hot enough that it was steaming but not so hot it would burn and soaked a face clothe in the mixture. I then laid the face clothe on my face for about a minute--DON'T RUB--but do make sure it touches every part of your skin. I repeated several times before pouring the bowl out. I did this once a day for about a week while my skin adjusted and then twice a day for the next week. I was not very hopeful about this and for the first 5 days, it looked like absolutely nothing had changed. But on the 6th or 7th day, my skin looked dramatically different! Not just less pimply, but also the clear patches had very nice skin tone, not oily or dry, and very healthy looking. There was another plateau for a few days and then it looked dramatically different again. This pattern has continued for the last 3 weeks. ACV does not work that quickly, but it DOES work, and so far my skin is still improving after three weeks which is better than any other natural or medicated product I have used so far.<br/>I was not doing anything else in combination with this--I only wash my face with water once a day and without touching it (I just let the water in the shower run over it because touching my face always seem to aggravate things) and had not changed my diet, started any medication, or used any other product, so ACV made a significant difference. The other good thing is that after 3 weeks, if I skipped treatment for a few days, my skin didn't get worse, which is what happened with other products--it maintained where it had been after the last treatment which makes me hope that this might be more sustainable and that I could eventually stop using this at all.