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Works for extremely light acne. But is terrible for moderate to severe
on 04/05/2014
Ok . The first time i was on doxycycline, I was suffering from extremely light acne . Just a few blackheads and maybe 1 or two zits. I got off this medication a year or two ago and never needed anything else for my acne. Until about 1 year ago. I was sent to juvenile detention center for a while. While in the detention center my acne started flaring up to about 10 pimples a day and many black heads. After getting out of JDC, I was sent to a program for misbehaved youth. While in the program I started to develop 15 to 20 pimples on my face at a time. After going to the dermatologist , he put me on doxycycline. 5 months from that point my acne was worse than it has ever been . My 15 pimples turned quickly into 50 to 60 zits. My doctor just took me off it and prescribed me bactrim like it was no big deal he just destroyed my face . Do yourself a favor and do not take this medication for moderate acne. You will regret it. And remember . These doctors are just PRACTICING medicine.