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on 01/05/2014
I've started using Differin 2 months,2 months and a half ago.I'll start by listing the unpleasant side effects i had for the first 1-2 weeks (maybe because i used a little more than recommended):extreme dryness and a little redness in the evening,although i wasn t exposed to sunlight during the day.And the inevitable breakout i had the first 2 weeks.Fortunately they were only small whiteheads that left barely any visible scars.I guess i have more of a mild acne;my biggest problem is big pores and some scarring from the past breakouts..but Differin really gave my skin a whole new texture,smoother and lighter and after only 2 and a half months i can see visible improvement.I still have the ocasional pimples and because the rate of skin regeneration is accelerated,i observed my skin scarrs more easily and the scars persist longer but i suppose it will fade away in the end.<br/>I also want to give a couple advices to all new Differin users ,as i too found it difficult to deal with it at first:<br/>1.Have a lot of patience...if you use it correctly,you can minimize a lot the undesired effects of the first weeks.<br/>2.A pea sized amount means a pea size amount of cream for the WHOLE face...i learned that the hard way.The first days i used more like three peas sized amount because i though it wasn t enough just one.Guess s more than enough :)<br/>3.Start easy with it.Apply it once every evening for the first week,even for two weeks.Let your skin adapt to the new product.If you used before any AHA creams stop the use of them 2 weeks before you start the treatement with Differin.<br/>4.For your daily face cleaning ritual try to use only dermato-cosmetic products for your type of skin (and look on the bottles for the "non comedogene" description: that means it won t clog your pores). I live in France,so i don t know exactly what european brands you guys have in the US,but i m sure you have a wide variety of products to choose from.There are even products that are specially created for the skin that is undergoing treatments like the one with Differin. I use Avene products :Clean-Ac cleansing creme for washing and the Clean-Ac moisturizer in the evening.Wash your face,let it dry and let your pores shrink for 15-20 minutes. Then apply Differin and let that be absorbed for 20 minutes at least.After that,always,ALWAYS use a moisturizer to counteract the massive dryness Differin can cause especially in the beginning of the treatement.In the morning,if the dryness persists,you can use the same powerful moisturizer or a lighter one (i have Bioderma Pore Refiner that shrinks my big pores).<br/>Also Vichy has some foundation for the skin with problems,also non comedogene. I use Normaderm.<br/>I hope that was helpful and once again,be patient,it will go away and you ll have much more better skin.Take care.