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on 29/04/2014
Everyone who has acne NEEDS to try this! I haven't had a clear face in over 10 years!! I'm a 23 year old female and had enough acne to make me self conscious, always had trouble covering it with make up. It really gets annoying spending so much on make up and different products trying to look flawless, while other people seem to be born perfect with their clear skin! Ha. Anyways recently Ive been looking up reviews on literally everything! And stumbled across this...why isn't this on commercials on EVERY channel?!?! I paid $6 on a big bottle of braggs organic apple cider vinegar (has to be this one!!!!!!!!!!) and I very lightly diluted some in a little glass, washed my face and wiped it all over face and neck, slept overnight with it on. For the most part I left it on at all times, some people don't, just find out what works for you. After a couple days I stopped diluting it and just used it straight. I also began drinking a teaspoon a day, then worked my way up to two, bout to do the recommended three teaspoons a day. I first take enough honey to coat my throat, take the teaspoon of vinegar, then more honey to mask the taste, then I chug some water (doesn't matter how much, I do enough to ease the little bit of burning in the tummy) You really do get used to the smell/taste. BE PATIENT!!! I can't stress that enough!!! I was gettin mad cuz some people said they seen great results in "3 days" well it wasn't workin quick enough for me, but I continued anyway! I'm soooooo glad I did! (I've been using this for about 3 weeks now) I've never seen a product with such great reviews, they are endless! I now see why! Try it! As soon as you can! And then spread the word to help others! (I Created an account just to post this review!)