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Beautiful - one of my most used products.
on 04/05/2014
I have only discovered Avene Thermal Spring Water recently but i'm in love with it. It is soothing, moisturizing and feels very light on my skin. The bottle suggests to pat it dry but I let it air dry and only takes a few minutes max. I now use it after washing my face, setting my makeup as well as occasionally sprays during the day.<br/>The only thing that I don't like about this product is that the 50mL bottle costs $10 and the 300mL bottle costs $25. The 300mL bottle is way too big to travel with but the 50mL is quite expensive. But this can be solved by using a 50mL on the go and keeping the 300mL at home.
Stings my eyes for the whole duration
on 30/04/2014
The mask brightens my skin and makes it feel very soft, but my eyes stings VERY badly pretty much throughout the whole process. I do not put the mask any closer to my eyes than I do with other masks.
on 27/04/2014
I used this every day prior to going on Epiduo (my skin is extremely dry right now) and it was good. It is very soothing, made my skin feel clean, calmed my break outs and made my skin feel very soft.<br/>When I first bought it I used it as a makeup remover but that ended up being too costly. It is $30 for 8.5oz bottle in Australia, so I use the product sparingly. It is a good product, but it's no miracle.
Clear ONLY while you're on it
on 26/04/2014
My dermatologist prescribed me 3 months worth of doxycycline mid December last year. I took it exactly as prescribed and within a few days (~4) I already started seeing results. It was really encouraging and at around late January, my skin had been the clearest it had been in years! My tablets ran out in mid March and my acne came back early April.<br/>It was very frustrating and I got even more self conscious because I had finally gotten a taste of what it'd feel like having porcelain skin, but it only lasted three months.
Favourite foundation so far
on 25/04/2014
I usually wear a BB cream but I wear foundation when I go out. This feels light on my skin and doesn't worsen my acne. Along with a finishing powder, my face is able to stay (fairly) matte all day. Only complaint I have is that my skin is fairly dark with a yellow undertone, so there's not many to choose from in the color range. I use Fresh Beige but there is still a fairly noticeable difference between the foundation color and my skin color.
on 25/04/2014
I had been using Clinique makeup for a while and the lady at the counter recommended me the Clinique anti-blemish set so I bought all three products. The self-foaming cleanser is good and it does a good job at cleaning my face and getting rid of oils. I found that even though my face was still very oily, I didn't need to blot my face as much during the day. I hate the cleansing solution though because it absolutely stinks of alcohol and it didn't do much for my skin. The moisturiser was average.<br/>I continued to use the range for two years even though I didn't see any visible improvements for my acne. I've now moved onto other products that does a better job (and at a lower price too)!