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Great stuff
on 23/04/2014
My acne got heaps better when I cut out the MAC foundation and used this when I was trying to heal my acne.<br/>It has a medium coverage, and you do feel the salicylic acid working.<br/>I would def recommend this if you are in the process of clearing your acne!
on 22/04/2014
Bought this because I couldnt find any QV wash, and it completely clogged my pores and made me break out :(<br/>Now I am trying to fix it again :(
Not a fan
on 22/04/2014
I have used Proactiv in the past and that actually gave me flawless skin. Altough I stopped using as it wasnt very cost effective, so i decided to switch to more natural/non-harsh products.<br/>The best Ive found is using QV Wash as a cleanser and Goats Milk moisturiser (can get at chemists or chemist warehouse).<br/>But I ran out of both and completely broke out and they didnt have any of my moisturiser left so I bought Benzac AC 5% gel instead.<br/>I didnt do anything for me and just left an uncomfortable film on my face.<br/>:(