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Excellent for those with PCOS
on 20/04/2014
At 25, I have tried everything to clear my acne, which has predominantly been on my chin/jawline. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 11 after irregular periods, weight gain, and bad acne, which was also confirmed by blood tests. I've seen an endocrinologist for years and have been on birth control since my diagnosis (I was on Dianette and then switched to Marvalon 28 when the studies on Dianne came out). Over the past two years, I have been using a variation of Dan's regimen (cleanser, bp, and moisturizer- Cetaphil and Persagel 5). However, although following this same routine, this year my acne has been constant- always 4-5 + pimples, mostly cystic on my chin and jawline. I started researching natural remedies and revisited I read some interesting posts on Saw Palmetto. I know that my acne is hormonal because of the PCOS and remembered that my testosterone was always high while I was off the bcp because my endocrinologist mentioned it during a few visits. I started taking Saw P. once a day on March 23rd (160 mg standardized 85-95% Webber Naturals brand from Walmart). The first time I took it I had a bad headache, so I now take it with food. Within a week, I noticed that I had no new deep pimples, only surface whiteheads, and that my old pimples were drying up. I also noticed that my skin was less oily. After a few wks, I doubled my dosage to two pills a day (320 mg total) because I had a breakout while off bcp during my period. **Note: saw. p is said to reduce the effectiveness of birth control, so if you are sexually active right now, you should use another form of protection**. Now, it is April 20th and my skin is entirely clear. I know it's only been a month, but I plant on continuing with Saw P and I hope that I've beat this acne for good! Definitely give this a try.